Best Cushions For Wheelchairs Reviews 2018 | Buying Guide

It is not your fault that you are confined to a wheelchair, but it will be your fault if you choose the wrong wheelchair cushion.And my job is to walk you through into choosing the best cushions for wheelchair. So that you can avoid some potential spinal cord injuries associated with choosing the wrong cushion.

When you buy a cushion to place your butts on or support your back, you are buying more than just comfort. It is something that you are going to spend the rest of the day on. And if it is uncomfortable, you will have a hard time to trying to adjust to it. In this wheelchair cushion reviews you will get all information that you are needed to purchase the best one.

When choosing a cushion for your best wheelchair don't be conscious about comfort alone. You also need to pay attention to:

  1. Pressure Management
  2. Positioning
  3. Sitting stability

You can last with types of cushion for 6 months, but be prepared to buy like 3 or 2 cushions that can last you for a year.

1. High Quality Gel Foam Seat Cushion Series With Safety Strap For Wheelchairs

best wheelchair cushion 2016

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From the moment you receive it, the material itself will tell you that it is a good quality no question asked. On the comfort side, I will give the company a great plus. Because this is not your typical seat cushion or pad, that is going to make your butt warm.

It is super thick and soft; you can feel the different layers of the material. If you are that person who likes to sit for long hours either in the office or the car seat, this is the seat for you.

But if you are an active person always going out and about, this cushion will disappoint you, because it is just too heavy to move around with it.

That is the only con that I find with this cushion. Otherwise, it is an excellent high-end gel cushion seat that beats all other gel cushion seat you hear everywhere.

2. Drive Medical Gel"e" Skin Protection Wheelchair Seat Cushion

Drive Medical Gel"e" Skin Protection Wheelchair Seat Cushion

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If you are a healthy conscious person, this seat cushion gives you everything that you will ever need. Imagine for a second, having the freedom of knowing that pressure ulcers will be a thing of that past. For that reason, you will be buying a cushion that will assist, prevent and manage any pressure related health problem.

And above all, it also comes with a waterproof vinyl, so that you can stay with it for more than two years. Just like the previous cushion, this one also is perfect for those people who tend to spend most of their time sitting in the wheelchair.

For older individual confined to a wheelchair, this one would be a perfect investment for them. The only drawback with this cushion is one. First, it slips off every quickly when you lean onto something. It can be on the table or something. I think it is because of the top cover that is made up of a nylon material. But overall it is a great cushion.

3. PURAP Seat Cushion For Wheelchairs And Pressure Sores

purap cushion

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Lots of clinical tests have been done on this cushion, making it be one of the most recommended wheelchair cushions by physicians.

Here is what makes it great :

Durability : You can stay with these cushion for more than two years without coming into the market looking for a new one. Here, the company did a good a job.

For those older people who are just starting to develop tailbone pressure, I will highly recommend this cushion.

Because it can relieve them from back and hip pain that comes with sitting for too long. Also, if you have just had a spinal cord surgery or injury, this would be a great cushion for you.

The cushion is made of air and gel that means when you sit on it; you get that floating sensation. Perfect for those who spend most of their time sitting.

4. Hermell Convoluted Wheelchair Cushion, Egg Crate Foam, Removable Navy Blue Cover

Hermell Convoluted Wheelchair Cushion, Egg Crate Foam, Removable Navy Blue Cover

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A product designed by Hermellinc. The company went into detail about creating a cushion seat that resembles an egg crate. Which helps in the distribution of weight and minimizing of pressure ulcers. For easier washing and cleaning, the cushion comes with a removable Polyester/cotton blend cover.

It is also perfect for home, office, and travel. You will also won't encounter any problem when fitting on any chair and even in an electric wheelchair also. When it comes to comfort, you won't find yourself slipping over the chair. In fact, it will act as a good recliner when you are watching television.

The only problem that I find with it is that it was too thin for my grandma who has more pounds and wanted something thick.

5. FOMI Heavy Duty Seat Cushion for Wheelchair, Office, Car. Foam topped with Gel.

top wheelchair cushion

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Want even more comfort?

FOMI heavy duty seat cushion proves to be the most prestigious cushion that you will ever have. It provides excellent support for the tailbone and legs. With this cushion, you are 100% guaranteed of feeling zero pressure sores.

The cushion is so thick and has lots of pads on it. Which will make sure that every place you go you experience nothing but ultra-comfort. With it, you will never even know how it feels like to have fatigue. It happens to be the best cushion for wheelchairs to those who are long time sitters.

Still on that...If you work for long hours in your office, or if you stay in your chair most of the time, this is where to place your hard-earned money. No cushion bits the FOMI heavy duty when you factor in quality and comfort.

6. Aylio Coccyx Seat Cushion | Back Support, Tailbone and Sciatica Pain Relief

best wheelchair cushion

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FOMI heavy duty seat cushion proves to be the most prestigious cushion that you will ever have.Highly recommended by most physicians and doctors. If you are that kind of person that had an accident that made you crippled.

This is the cushion for you. It has everything that a person in your situation would need to enjoy life like most normal people. That means, no pressure sores, back and hip pains. It is an ultra-cushion that address all the health concerns that you may have.

The cushion also comes with a removable velour cover that can be washed in any machine. When you buy this cushion, you will be purchasing a product that would align your spine and posture correctly. With this cushion, your weight over the wheelchair will be evenly distributed.

A problem such as a cushion bottoming-out won't happen. It would be a thing of the past. That should even give you greater confidence in buying this cushion. Because it has been tested and vetted to be the perfect wheelchair cushion.

7. NOVA Medical Products 3" Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushion

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This cushion is designed by NOVA medical. Does it have it all to be the best cushions for wheelchairs?  This is the cushion for you. It has everything that a person in your situation would need to enjoy life like most normal people.

Here are The Details.

The materials used to make this cushion are two, gel and foam. That will relieve you from the pressure and minor skin irritation. It also does a stellar job of distributing your weight evenly across the chair. That means you will have no chance of bottoming out.

For cleaning and washing purposes, the cushion comes with a polyester/cotton cover. That you can easily remove and put in a washing machine. The only area that I think needs improvement...NOVA Medical could have made this cushion to be waterproof.

So that it cater for those individual that have incontinence problems. That would have made this product sell itself quickly. When it comes to durability, you can last with this cushion for 6 months or maybe more. But I don't think it can last for more than a year.

8. Secure SGSC-1 Comfort Gel Foam Seat Cushion with Safety Strap

top_wheelchair cushion review 2016

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Are you still skeptical about buying wheelchair cushion? Because of what they may turn out to be.

Take advantage of the one year guarantee that comes with secure gel foam. You will be buying a cushion with high confidence knowing that the moment it turns out to be a disaster, you can always get your money back.

The one-year warranty is not the only thing that makes this cushion stands out. The cushion has a non-slip cover with a safety strap that makes the cushion secure on your lightweight wheelchair so that you don't slip over.

The other notable thing is that the cushion is two-inch thick that means when you sit on it. You will feel a little bit higher, which can help you extend your hand to reach for something that you may want.

9. Secure CGSC-2 Comfort Gel Foam Chair Seat Cushion

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The Secure Cool Comfort Gel Seat Cushion, a product from Secure Company. It is the most trusted brand by thousands of care facilities in the US, Canada, and Europe since 1991. This cushion comes with gel layers evenly distributed over high-density foam.

The benefit of this is that your body pressure is redistributed relieving you from back coccyx pain. Still on that...The gel also provides an excellent cooling effect when you sit by reducing the temperature.

The other good thing that can make you buy this cushion is that Personal Safety Corporation sufficiently secures it. Meaning, you can't go wrong when you order this cushion.

The cover of this cushion is made up of a low-shear neoprene material. The good thing with this material is that it makes it water-resistant. Because of this, it is perfect for a person that has an incontinence problem.

10. Menchy New Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Comfort Seat Cushion

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Maximum comfort ?

This cushion comes wThis is the promise that these cushion sales. Meaning that...If you are that kind person that has any tensions in the coccyx, tailbone and hipbone.ith gel layers evenly distributed over high-density foam.

You will be very much relieved from this pain. If you have been buying other cushions outside, you will notice how fast they flatten after sitting for an extended period.

With the Menchy memory foam seat cushion, you will see that it has an anti-slip rear design. That prevents unnecessary shifting while you are sitting.

A one-year guarantee also backs the cushion. That means you can do your shopping with high confidence. You have a whole 365 days to be keen on any defect that you find with this cushion and return it for your full refund.

Things to Consider Before Buying Wheelchair Cushions

Any wheelchair that fails to meet any of those criteria, then it is not something that you should waste your hard-earned money on.On the bright side, most people will follow through those....
But, here is what they will forget: 

Proper Medical Examination

You are going to be confined to that chair for the rest of your life. It makes sense if you have a proper medical examination.

The results that you get from your doctor will enable you to understand your general health, cognition, posture, balance and coordination, body symmetry and skin texture.

Apart from having a postural examination, you can also do a musculoskeletal examination of the head and neck.

The Activities That Your Wheelchair Serves

The question is... what are you going to do with the wheelchair? Are you going to move with it from places to places?

Or do you use it to participate in outdoor activities like basketball? If you know that then you will understand the type of cushion that you need.

Because what the other person uses may not be suitable for you.

Types Of Wheelchair Cushion And How Each Affect You

The primary role of any cushion is to prevent pressure sores and skin tears. Besides that, other things such durability and functionality also play a key role when deciding the type of cushion to buy.

Here are the common types of cushion that you need to know.

1: Foam Cushions

These are the most common type of cushions. They are common because they are cheap, and they need little to no maintenance at all.

But do they serve their role properly?

Yes and No

Yes, if you have pressure point, you can easily cut out a portion of the cushion. On the comfort side, you can easily fit in very comfortably. That is to say that they have a stable seating surface.

No, because they wear out very easily than other types of wheelchair cushion. And they also lose their shape very quickly.

You can last with types of cushion for 6 months, but be prepared to buy like 3 or 2 cushions that can last you for a year.

2: The Gel Cushions

From the word alone, you will know that these are cushions where gel fluids are placed into pouches. So that they conform to your body pressure.

But do they do their job?

Yes and No

Yes, for the fact you will feel comfortable, and your pressure will be evenly distributed. Therefore, you will experience zero pressure sores.30

No, The only limitation that they have is that they are heavier than other cushions. The other thing is that the gel can be pushed aside by your weight.

But the problem of the gel bottoming-out can be solved by kneading the cushion once a day. Which makes them loose and spread evenly.

3: Air Or Dry Floatation Cushions

With types of cushion, your weight will be supported entirely by air. This is because of the small interconnect balloons arranged in rows.

The primary goal of this arrangement is to serve the following purposes:

  1. Balance the pressure throughout the cushions
  2. The air has zero chances of bottoming out
  3. They can also be used as a bathtub or on a boat. This is due to the fact they are waterproof and light.

But they have one drawback.

But They are suited for passive users. That is to say; they are less stable for the active users.hey have one drawback.

4: Honeycomb Cushions

They are the best in the market because they are an improvement from the previous cushions.

First, They are made from a thermoplastic urethane material.

The good news is that these materials act as great shock absorber and prevents users from bottoming out.

With this cushion, you will be able to feel relaxed and comfortable thanks to the even distribution of weight and increased air flow.

Final Note

You are probably wondering...Which is my best cushions for wheelchairs? I will go for the one that has the most popularity by users.

But first, you need to choose a wheelchair cushion according to the purpose that it will serve.

If you are going to be spending the whole time sitting, then you know what you should buy. Which is totally different if you are mostly involved in outdoor activities.

Dennis P. Baughman

Dennis P. Baughman is the Editor of UnbeatenRolling. His disabilities couldn't stop him to be self driven person. He started this blog to share his personal knowledge about all kinds of wheelchairs and different tips and advice about chairs.

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