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The aging baby boomer generation is contributing a great deal to the rising demand for wheelchairs and other accessibility solutions. A wheelchair stair lift or platform lift in your home can make life a lot easier for the elderly as well as loved ones who find it difficult to climb stairs. There are different types of residential wheelchair lifts to suit different types of stairway configurations.

wheelchairs features

Home Wheelchair Lifts in Various Models

People in wheelchairs need smooth access both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, while some homes have straight stairways, others feature inclined stairways. Contemporary wheelchair lifts for homes come in various models to meet all these requirements.

Inclined wheelchair lifts

This type of wheelchair stair lift or platform lift is designed to provide access over a straight run of stairs. They are a viable option when cost or space constraints make it difficult to install an elevator or vertical lift. The lift is easily installed as it moves along a rail system that is mounted stanchions or a wall. These lifts are unobtrusive as you cab fold and out them away so that there is no barrier to stairway use.

Vertical platform lifts

Another type of home wheelchair lift, the vertical platform lift can provide easy access to a raised deck, porch, and different floor levels. It is a non-portable, permanently installed device with a platform and moves the user in a vertical direction – from one level to another. There are enclosed and unenclosed models of vertical platform lifts.
Portable wheelchair lifts for residential spaces feature a motorized electronic traction control system that helps the operator easily move a wheelchair user up and down a stairway.

Residential Wheelchair Lifts – Built for Safe and Smooth Home Accessibility

Safety is paramount with all accessibility options. Home wheelchair lifts come with several safety features and options that include underpan sensors, grab handles, emergency stop button or emergency brake, limit switches, door locks, manual lowering capability, non-skid platform with ramps, and more.

If you are concerned about your budget, check out elevator and lift dealers that offer certified, pre-owned wheelchair lifts for homes. Thoroughly revamped to meet original manufacturer specifications, these devices are offered for sale at a price much lower than new.

Mobility scooters: A smart solution

Disability due to age, disease or accident can no longer stop your day-to-day activities as Mobility scooters have enriched the life immeasurably. Depending upon disability problem, some face temporary halt while for others it is a permanent stopgap.

Traditional wheelchairs were manual in nature and powered via wheel rims. These were replaced with modern electric wheelchairs that use rechargeable batteries. Mobility scooter possesses design of scooter and functions of wheelchair which are further classified under class 2 and 3. The former works well on on-pavement mode with a maximum speed of 4 mph. This helps a person to move around the pavement easily. The Class 3 device travel better on road and possess double the speed when compared to Class 2 i.e. with maximum speed of 8 mph. The Class 3 device can be made to run on pavement by adjusting speed limit to 4 mph. Front and rear lights, traffic indicators, rear view mirrors and a horn are essential equipment's.

Mobility scooters can be further selected on basis of 3 or 4 wheeled types. The difference between the both is that 3 wheeled scooters are more maneuverable and they are handy for users with long legs and feet as they have more leg space.

After selecting the mobility device, user must consider the model. This is decided on the basis of usage and purpose like some users look for extended headrest for better support. Apart from this, cost is other factor which is considered before buying it. These scooters have added freedom to the movement of discerned people. They have provided freedom to enjoy traveling, shopping, visiting friends, etc, independently like other population. Moreover, depending upon disability, the user can use a battery- operated scooter inside shopping mall or in an airport. Pedestrian mobility device is considered as appropriate option for carrying out traveling on sidewalks, and streets. The wheelchair is well suited for people who remain in such devices for most of the day, while scooter gives attractive appearance.

Lastly, before buying it, always try and match the size and weight of users. Give a try to number of scooters until user gets comfortable option.

Lightweight Wheelchairs Features

Let your disability never be an obstacle in your life. Just because you are handicapped does not mean that you cannot live life as normally as the rest of the world. Remember that a tragedy can strike anyone. Look around and you will see that there are many people in your shoes. For some the wheelchair maybe a temporary phase, yet for others it maybe a lifetime of being bound to it. Positive thinking will yield positive results for sure.

Buy yourself a lightweight folding wheelchair and your life will go on as undisturbed as before. As per your doctor's recommendations, select your wheelchair. Decide between the manual and the transport wheelchairs. If you have to propel yourself, then manual is the choice to make. In this there are two kinds, the lightweight folding wheelchair and the rigid wheelchair. Following are some features of the lightweight folding wheelchair:

  • The lightweight folding wheelchair has more flexibility then the rigid ones. They can move easily over rougher terrain too unlike the rigid wheelchairs, which can only travel over even floors. The lightweight folding wheelchair can cost anything from $1000 to $4000. It goes up in price because of additional features and options. Technology has developed so much that now there are the battery powered lightweight folding wheelchairs in the market too. In this case you have to apply zero strength.
  • The lightweight folding wheelchair, as the name suggests, has the collapsing module. It can be folded and stored away. It can also be placed against the corners in the house. Such a chair does not occupy too much space. You do not need to remove various parts in order to tuck away your lightweight folding wheelchair. It has swing away foot rests, fold away arm rests and a quick release system.
    It weighs less than 35lbs, and can be flat packed too. This works wonderfully for travelers. All you need to do is to fold the wheelchair, then place it in the car boot. Since, it is so light, the caregiver has no problem lifting it, as this chore has to be done by him alone. Then it can be comfortably checked in at the airports too. Taking this in and out of hotel rooms and going from one destination to another is really no hassle with a lightweight folding wheelchair. You or your loved one never needs to stay back because of the disability.
  • The lightweight folding wheelchair is designed for comfort and security. It is durable and strong. However, since it is so prone to wear and tear, it must be maintained and kept clean. The frame of the chair is made of metal and the seat is padded with comfortable upholstery.
    The lightweight folding chair is especially designed for children, the elderly and the weaker patients, who have lesser strength in them. They find such chairs easier to maneuver around the place.
  • The folding lightweight wheelchair is durable as it is made with advanced technology. It is way more useful than its heavier and rigid counterparts. The folding lightweight wheelchair hasfolding armrests, swing away legs and a quick release system. The seat and the arms have padded upholstery for extra comfort.
  • A disadvantage of a lightweight folding wheelchair is that it is difficult to customize it to your specific requirements, as it has the folding style. Thus, it comes in a typical design and making changes can take away from its primary advantage. It is not the most comfortable, but due to its portability factor, the lightweight folding wheelchair is fast gaining popularity.
    Even people, who already have the standard, rigid wheelchairs, are shifting over to the lightweight folding wheelchair, for its distinct and prominent benefits. The vital thing to keep in mind is that the posture of the user must not get spoilt and also that the chair should not result in pressure sores on the back, buttocks and the hands.

Buying Choice is Important

When you buy a wheelchair for your home, make sure it’s from an established source or brand. Visit a well-known and credible site that carries an inventory featuring residential accessibility equipment from leading manufacturers. As there are different types of residential wheelchair , you need to choose the right model

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