Tracer EX2 lightweight wheelchair

This is a lightweight wheelchair that comes with detachable elevating leg rest. With a weight of 36lbs, it can easily be carried during transportation and storage purposes. You can easily adjust the seat to suit height due to the presence of dual axle positions. This pride mobility wheelchair is uniquely designed to enhance mobility in elderly, patients and disabled.

Tracer EX2 lightweight wheelchair

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It is economical with magnificent features that are intact. . The back seat is conveniently raised, coupled with headrest to make the rider comfortable and enjoy the ride.

The chair is easy to assemble together and only take a few minutes for the assembly to be complete. Tracer EX2 lightweight wheelchair comes with manual to guide the user on how the chair can be put together, the maintenance process and how the chair can be folded during storage.

However, if you are not good at do it- yourself things, there is a White Glove Delivery Service that will assist you in setting up the chair, test its performance and remove all packaging materials. Comfort adjustment on the other hand like armrest or headrest is done either by the user or caregiver.

Tracer EX2 lightweight wheelchair is not only helpful in enhancing mobility of patients and elderly, but also eliminates the need of looking for a bench when you are out in a park. The chair has been of profound help, especially to those people who find it hard to lift heavy weight such as those with severe stroke or partially handicapped who are looking for a wheelchair that can be operated by one hand, Drive medical wheelchair is the ideal solution.

Before starting the features of this awesome chair just wondering do you really love this wheelchair or not. If you are still confused, then I must recommend to ​read our best wheelchair reviews.

Tracer EX2 lightweight wheelchair

  • Easily foldable : the chair can be folded easily and quickly to be packed in any car trunk or airplane. The weight is also light enough for easy lifting during storage.It shows that the chair can easily fold to fit into small carrier spaces. It can be packed and transported with little or no difficulty.
  • Weight supported : Tracer EX2 wheelchair has the ability to carry up to 250lbs.
  • Wheelchair length : We surely need to mention that the chair has a reasonable length to ensure that almost every individual fits properly. It has aseat length of 18”, and a depth length of 16”. Ideally, Tracer EX2 wheelchair is pragmatically flexible – it can fold and stretch by greater dimensions.
  • Super weight : the chair has a convenient weight of 36lbs that can be easily carried during storage or transportation.
  • 4-gauge crossbraces : this enhances durability and strength of the wheelchair.

Advantages of BEIZ Electric Wheelchair

  • It is easy to operate with no special skill needed. You just need to follow the guidelines in the manual the wheelchair comes with.
  • The wheelchair comes with comfortable seats,which are both detachable and durable
  • The chair can be easily and quickly folded within a few seconds to ease the carrying and storage processes. The folded chair can then be packed in any car trunk due to its reduced size.
  • Tracer EX2 wheelchair is made of long lasting aluminum alloy frame.
  • Armrest and leg rest are easily detachable whenever necessary. There is also an amazing anti-back castor to make the user comfortable and enjoy the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION : Can the footrest be adjusted?ANSWER : Yes, they can be adjusted by using the controls to make the user comfortable.

QUESTION : Can the chair be folded?ANSWER: yes, it is easily foldable in just a few seconds

QUESTION : what is the maximum weight the Tracer EX2 can sustain?ANSWER: The wheelchair can carry up to 250lbs

QUESTION : Are the footrests removable?ANSWER: Sure, they can be removed. The answer provided above succinctly explains that footrests aren’t fixed permanently, and are eligible for modification, manipulation and other minor adjustments.

QUESTION :  What is its actual weight? Can it fit properly in the trunk of a standard four door sedan?ANSWER: The Tracer EX2 wheelchair is not that heavy. Precisely, it weighs around 36 lbs. The chair perfectly fits in a standard 4 door sedan.

QUESTION : Is the chair approved by the air travel?                                                         

ANSWER: Yes, it comes with its soft case where the wheelchair can be packed into and stored in the cabin. The chair can be wheeled through the airplane’s ramp while carrying the user

Final Words

This wheelchair is uniquely made to last as it has a strong carbon steel frame which is long-lasting. It is fixed with the high performing urethane rear tires to enhance the efficiency of the wheelchair. Tracer EX2 wheelchair is an outstanding manual wheelchair due to its 14-gauge crossbraces that ensures durability as well as lowering the maintenance cost of the wheelchair.

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