Medline Transport Wheelchair with Brakes

Medline Wheelchair is perfectly built with adorable features. The product has been designed after a thorough scrutiny of very many factors. It isn’t long since it was introduced in the market, and it’s already getting positive responses.

Transport chairs essentially help your loved ones and other caretakers, help move you around in the most convenient and joyous manner.

Medline Transport Wheelchair

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If you compare transport wheelchair and other standard lightweight wheelchair, you’ll discover that it typically allows caregivers to push freely without necessarily engaging traumatizing elbow-grease activities.

Transport wheelchair is very light and easy to transport. Furthermore, transport wheelchair can fold and unfold easily. You won’t face much difficulty carrying it from one point to another because of the way it folds.

Transport wheelchairs come with an additional feature that lacks in many other standard wheelchairs. In this case, a breaking system is diligently incorporated. The break allows the caregiver to effectively move you in a dangerously steep terrain. Most of the accidents experienced by people on wheelchairs occur when they’re moving on an extremely steep surface. With transport wheelchair, you can be sure that your caregiver will effectively take you through such dangerous places without causing havoc.

Also, it is worth noting that the same breaks serve other essential purposes. They also help to lock the rear-wheel completely for easy and efficient lifting. Besides, the chair contains a seat belt to ensure that whoever sits on it is protectively placed on it.And the belt also serves another essential purpose; it facilitates easy transfers, especially when you’re lifting it up to put in the vehicle. Ideally, this is an absolute wheelchair containing all the relevant properties that most customers expect about a wheelchair.

Furthermore, it is perfectly painted in a combination of red and black color that gives it a stunning look. Let’s take a look a detailed explanation of Transport Wheelchair’s features.

Features of  Medline Transport Wheelchair with Brakes

  • As stated earlier, Medline Transport Wheelchair contains a distinctive breaking property. The chair can make a comfortable move on a steep surface.
  • The brakes also serve to protect the chair during transfer, as it locks the rear-wheel.
  • The rear-wheels are slightly larger than the front ones. This ensures stability, easy movement and swift navigation.
  • At its front extreme end, the chair is fitted with a comfortable footrest.
  • Transport wheelchair isn’t a heavy chair. It only weighs about 23.5 lbs. This property renders it absolutely light and easy to transfer.
  • The attached seat belt was technically incorporated to serve two major purposes. One is to ensure that whoever sits on the chair is completely protected. If your parent is too old to support himself on the chair, you have to ensure he is well protected by a seat belt. And two, the belt aids during transfers. After folding it to its smallest size, the belt hangs out beautifully for efficient transportation. You can use the belt to carry the chair upon a vehicle.
  • The seat measures 19” x 16” i.e. width x depth.

Advantages of BEIZ Electric Wheelchair

  • The very obvious advantage in our case is the idea that the chair contains a braking system.
  • It also contains a perfect hand grip to facilitate a convenient grip during transport.
  • The chair is light for easy transport and shipment.
  • It is indeed a beautiful, colorful gadget that not only provides comfort to the person sitting on it, but also pleases the eyes of those looking at it. With the Medline transport wheelchair, every disabled individual can move around in the most appealing and admirable manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION : Does the chair contain a break lever on the back wheel to allow the person seated to operate effectively?ANSWER : No. The chair only contains the break liver on the handles. It is majorly operated by the person pushing it.

QUESTION : What are the exact dimensions when the chair is folded?ANSWER : When reduced during packaging, it is beautiful and small. I would just say it measures about 10 inches. It has a height of approximately 26”. Most customers always complement that it perfectly fits in their respective trunks. Apart from that, it is worth noting that the chair is also light and easy to carry.

QUESTION : If I need to transfer over short distances, can I carry it with my hands?ANSWER : Depending on the distance you intend to cover, the chair can either be transported on a vehicle, or simply by hands. The latter is more recommendable when the situation entails short distances.

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Final Words

Medline Transport Wheelchairs with brakes are essential commodities that ensure safe transportation of disabled passengers, over short distances. This is a perfect present to give to your old father, so it aids his movements. It not only assists the owner, but gives caretakers a humble time dealing with disabled individuals. Other clients also accept it due to its beautiful appearance. Whatever it is you need to consider before getting a wheelchair, Medline Transport wheelchair offers the best option.

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