Medline Lightweight Transport Adult Folding Wheelchair with Handbrakes

This lightweight wheelchair with loop-lock handbrake for adults is lightweight. It looks beautiful with detachable footrests, reinforced upholstery, and full-length (permanent) armrest.

More so, the handbrakes are manually operated for safe transfers. The 23.5-pound wheelchair has a dimension; 26 x 12 x 31 inches, length, width, and height. It’s collapsible (foldable), and easy to use in nursing homes, on a wet floor, and in the emergency room.

Medline Lightweight Transport Adult Folding Wheelchair with Handbrakes

The adult transport chair has an adjustable backrest, and seat belts for safe transfer. However, the lightweight (and ultralight) wheelchair is easy to store after use and doesn’t require large stacking. When folded it’s compact and can fit your vehicle’s trunk when planning a road trip. The transport medical wheelchair is airport grade too. So, the adult transport wheelchair was built with safety features to aid the user. The rear wheels for lightweight are 12 inches, while the ultralight is 8 inches respectively.

Features of the Medicine Lightweight Adult Transport Foldable Wheelchair

Seat and strength

The seat of the Adult Transport Wheelchair has a dimension of 19 inches by 16 inches (width and depth) and can handle 300 lbs weight. More so, the seat is fitted with seatbelts, and its backrest is adjustable. The Adult Transport Wheelchair’s seat is comfortable; it’s easy to wipe clean the nylon (reinforced) upholstery.

Sturdy construction

The durable frame supports detachable footrests, bigger rear wheels, and the permanent armrest. All aluminum frame material holds every part compactly. The large seat can carry a cushion (foam seat ) for the user’s comfort. Regardless of its size, the transport wheelchair is lightweight, foldable and easy to stack. There is no long installation setting when you intend to assemble the product.

Loop-lock handbrakes

Technology can assist the wheelchair handler or caregiver to halt for safe transfer. There’s no need to reach out for the tiring like when regular wheelchairs brake. Instead, the loop-lock handbrakes are engaged by pushing hand-grips down. The braking system is easy to apply on sharp corners, bends, sidewalks, and parking lots. The loop-lock handbrake is sensitive to the handler’s fingers on the hand-grips.

For rough terrains

Using the adult transport foldable wheelchair on uneven terrains is easier with its large rear wheels. The 12-inch rear wheels (8-inch for the ultralight) can overcome rough roads, staircases, and wet outdoor surfaces. A caregiver needs to apply little effort in pushing the transport wheelchair. The lightweight frame is ideal for safe transfers.


  • The wide seat is comfortable and has a dimension of 19 by 16 inches width and depth sizes.
  • The seat’s material is layers of reinforced (nylon) upholstery
  • Folds easily from the backrest; while on-the-go, it doesn’t take more than five minutes to pack the chair
  • The wheelchair has a safety feature like seatbelts and efficient handbrakes for safe transfers


  • There’s no provision for the pouch (storage jacket) attached to the body of the wheelchair
  • There’s no provision for any frame to hold oxygen bottles

Final Verdict

The transport medical wheelchair with handbrakes and caregivers are happy to use this product. It’s not like the regular wheelchairs in supermarkets; this transport chair is lighter and easy to operate. The product has built-in safety features that lock the rear wheels during transfers.

The upholstery is reinforced comfortable nylon material. Urin, oil, and stains are easy to wash off. Apart from a seatbelt for secure movements; the full length (permanent) armrest, adjustable backrest, and detachable footrests add comfort to the user. More so, there’s a safety device that locks and unlocks the handbrakes. All the handler needs are to pull up and engage the lever.

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