Karman 23 lbs Transport Wheelchair with Companion Brakes

The foldable 23-pounds wheelchair is fitted with lightweight materials. It’s the essential caregiving equipment that can serve indoor and outdoor uses.

The lightweight wheelchair has companion brakes that make movement safe. More so, the companion hand brakes regulate the speed and smoothly halts the wheelchair without posing any threat to the user’s safety.

There’s a parking brake that can be engaged during transfer of the wheelchair’s user; this device works with the handbrake to ensure maximum safety.

Karman 23 lbs Transport Wheelchair with Companion Brakes

The 23-pound foldable transport wheelchair has a sturdy frame construction with aluminum material. It has straps like seatbelts that holds the user, and this feature is very useful for paralyzed users. You can fold the backrest down for easy packing during transportation; it makes the foldable wheelchair easily portable. The wheelchair is suitable for healthcare, airport transport, inland travels, nursing homes, and elderly assistance. The product has been tested; it’s built to serve longer-lasting purposes.

Features of Karman Foldable Transport Wheelchair

Collapsible wheelchair​

The Lightweight Wheelchair is collapsible (foldable) at specific areas of its frame. This feature allows the piece of caregiving equipment to be seamlessly stored, and transport when planning a trip. Although the weight remains constant after folding, the collapsible nature doesn’t make you feel the 23-pound weight when it’s lifted.

Large rear wheels​

The transport wheelchair has large 12.5 inches polyurethane tires at the rear. The solid pair of rear tires absorbs more of the user’s weight and give greater support during transportation. This polyurethane pair of wheels offers better performance even on wet outdoor surfaces. The wheel is lockable and easily controllable despite their sizes.

Companion handbrakes and Parking brake​

For safety, comfort and ease of movement; the foldable transport wheelchair has been fitted with companion hand brakes. The loop-style manual handbrakes are engaged before transferring the user to a seat or bed. The handbrake can lock the rear wheels and the parking brake assists in having safe transfers.


Regardless of its 23-pound weight, the foldable transport wheelchair has a dimension of 28 x 19 x 40 inches; length, width, and height. The piece of equipment is highly stackable and requires no large space for storage because it’s lightweight aluminum frame is foldable. The backrest is collapsible (fold-down), and the footrest is adjustable too. After using the wheelchair, it’s easy to clean and store for future use.

Sturdy construction

The foldable transport wheelchair is made from lightweight aluminum frames and nylon polyester materials. Most airline operators accept wheelchairs that are ideal for air travel. This product is an airplane grade because it’s reasonably sturdy, and convenient to fold after use. The lightweight wheelchair has protective coatings that preserve the integrity of its metal frame. Its sturdy construction ensures durability and more value for money.


It operates a 3-stage handle brake that allows the wheels to be firmly locked.

The ultra-light wheelchair has a swing-away, adjustable (detachable) footrests that allows the user to be transferred.

It has a sturdy construction of aluminum frame; this feature enhances the wheelchair’s durability and comfort.


The seat isn’t wide enough for an over-weight user

Final Verdict

The wheelchair is a mobile seat that caregivers use to transport and transfer their patients. However, the 23-pound Foldable Transport Wheelchair is fitted with more safety features than regular products. It has a 3-stage handle brake, parking brake, and seatbelts. Despite being constructed with strong aluminum frames, the footrest and backrest are collapsible for easy transport, storage, and travel. The user will feel more comfortable on the foldable wheelchair’s nylon upholstery.

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