K9 Carts Rear Support Wheelchair – Made in the USA

Are you in search of a superior veterinarian-tested best wheelchair for small and medium dogs? Here’s a chance to gift your pet with rear legs support for orthopedic recovery and mobile challenges.

The mobile aid with a pair of 6-inch diameter wheel can fit dogs that weigh between 26 to 35 lbs. The wheelchair has a lightweight value of 4.5 lbs, and its made from aircraft grade aluminum.

Take proper measurements to prevent buying the wrong size for small and medium dogs. When the dog is laying down, measure from its fold of flanks (FoF) to the paws.

K9 Carts Rear Support Wheelchair

Regardless of the age and breed, the pet owner can get an ideal size. More so, the Veterinarian-Approved Rear Legs Support Wheelchair is coated with bright colors to increase visibility during night walks. Get ready to buy the best fit for dogs with weights between 26 to 35 lbs.

Features of the Rear Legs Support Wheelchair for Small/Medium Dogs

Your dog can pee and poop

Without staining the wheelchair’s harness, your pet can poop and pee. There are cable leg rings that have enough space for urination or excretion. More so, the pet can perform its regular body recovery exercise and endurance training. The front harness only needs to be fixed firmly as the pet maintains normal standing height.

Mobile support and stability

The aircraft grade aluminum frame is structured to give the stability that eases the dog’s mobility. The cart prevents the dog’s rear legs from dragging on the ground. However, this mobile aid is recommended by veterinary doctors because it quickens post-surgical recovery.

A sturdy design

The sturdy design of this wheelchair came from Veterinarians with interest that supports pet mobility. The aircraft grade aluminum frame follows the shape of a mobile cart.  Pets with paralysis can overcome walking challenges, and gain stability in their rear with this wheelchair. The lightweight wheelchair has protective coatings that preserve the integrity of its metal frame. Its sturdy construction ensures durability and more value for money than regular products.

Ease of use

The Rear Legs Wheelchair supports hind limbs weakness because of its adjustable harness and aluminum frame. To make the wheelchair fully adjustable, make sure the dog is in a standing position. While recovering from partial paralysis or limb weakness, the dog’s rear limbs can be held up in protective slings attached to the wheelchair’s frame. A dense foam padding covers the supportive leg rings; they offer pelvic support and lower the risk of pressure sores on the body of your pet.

Eases all mobile-constraints

The wheelchair with a cart rolls fine on grass and assists the pet with limb strength. The wheelchair eases all mobile constraints like surgical recovery, spinal injuries, slipped disc, genetic (degenerative myelopathy) and neurological problems. Whatever veterinary condition affects the mobility of an animal’s rear legs is not a hindrance to limb strength. The veterinarian-approved special purpose assistant wheelchair is an ideal gift for small and medium pets.


The wheelchair cart has cable leg rings with dense foam padding for pelvic support.

Custom built for small and medium dogs that weigh between 26-35 lbs


It can’t be used for large adult dogs because of its adjustable frame for medium and small dogs

Final Verdict

The Rear Support Dog Wheelchair is suitable for orthopedic care, and post-surgical recovery for pets. While holding the dog’s rear in a level position, the wheels offer balance with a back or forward movement. More so, the cart is fitted with a 6-inch pair of rear wheels for support. Apart from small and medium size dogs, cats with hind legs paralysis and intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) can use the wheelchair. The Rear Legs Support Wheelchair weighs less 4.5 pounds, and it’s ideal for walking on the lawn and flawless surfaces.

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