Invacare TREX20RFP/ T93HCP Tracer EX2, 20″W Seat, Full Length Arms

The 20-inch wide and 16 inches deep-seated wheelchair is a durable product. It’s made from carbon steel frame and has a dimension of 48 x 36 x 48 inches; length, width, and height. The wheelchairs only weigh 37 lbs, but it has a handling capacity of 250 lbs for users.

Its seat is fitted with heavy-duty inner liners covered with silver vein finish. Every part of the wheelchair is strong and durable; the backrest has a 14-gauge cross-braces built-in frame.

Invacare TREX20RFP/ T93HCP Tracer EX2, 20″W Seat

The backrest doesn’t stretch but holds the user safely during transport. The wheelchair brings more comfort to the user’s limbs by using padded, removable full-length arms, and adjustable footrest features. The full-length padded arms wheelchair is suitable for indoor, healthcare, inland travels, airport transport, and nursing homes. More so, the manufacturer has tested the wheelchair, and it’s built to serve longer-lasting functions, which makes it one of the best lightweight wheelchairs in the market.

Emergency cases, post-surgical operations, and elderly assistance can be made easy by using this product.

Features of This Invacare TREX20RFP/ T93HCP Tracer EX2

Large seats​

This product has improved seat features; the width is 20 inches, and 16 inches high for users that are tall. It has a medium sized pocket for purses, wallets, phones, tablets, and flat objects. However, the seat is not foldable and are not fitted with seatbelts. The large seat can accommodate extra bottom and back cushions to ease the user’s discomfort.


The wheelchair has padded and removable cushions on the full-length arms for easy transfers, and convenient sitting position. With a dimension of length, width, and height (48 x 36 x 48 inches), you can easily lift this piece of equipment into the trunk of a vehicle. The wheelchair owes it’s convenient lightweight to the manufacturer’s choice of material – a low-maintenance carbon steel frame. When folded, the width is resized to 13 inches, and allows for easy storage in vehicle trunks and indoors.

Dual-axle for repositioning​

Beneath the heavy-duty seat is a dual-axle mechanism that allows height adjustments. The axle can be operated to give seat-to-floor adjustments without affecting the wheelchair’s interchangeable components.

Large rear wheels​

The full-length padded arms wheelchair has large 24 inches wheels at the rear. The rear wheels are assisted by a pair of smaller front wheels that absorb the user’s weight and give support during transportation. The two pairs of wheels are controllable despite their sizes, and they offer better performance even on wet surfaces. More so, the wheels are lockable, and the wheelchair’s composite footrests are fitted with heel loops.


Regardless of the wheelchair’s 37-pound weight; it has a dimension of 48 x 36 x 48 inches; length, width, and height. The piece of transport wheelchair is easily stackable and uses a little space for storage. The lightweight and low-maintenance carbon steel frame is foldable. However, the backrest is not collapsible (fold-down), but the footrest is adjustable. After using the transport wheelchair, clean and store for future use.


  • Regardless of size, the 37-pound full-length padded arms wheelchair is foldable for convenient storage and travel
  • The wheelchair weighs 37 lbs but has a weight capacity of 250 lbs
  • It has a longer-lasting carbon steel frame. The material requires low maintenance, and it’s durable


  • There’s no provision for any frame to hold oxygen bottles

Final Verdict

The full-length padded arms wheelchair is designed for easy transfers and transport. It has plastic handles for a firm grip while moving a seated patient. All four wheels are properly aligned to ease movement even on rough surfaces. To further ease convenience, the rear wheels are large 24 rollers that the user can control. More so, it’s lightweight yet has a holding capacity for users with at most 250 lbs weight.

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