Drive’s Fly-Lite Transport Wheelchair

This is one of the most highly fashionable distinctive wheelchairs on the market. It is made of aluminum alloy frame, making the chair as light as just 17 pounds as well as ensuring the durability of the chair. This transport chair is an ideal solution for those who find it hard to move out and about and also those who are crippled or simply are not able to propel a wheelchair on their own.

Drive Medical Lightweight Wheelchair

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It is slimly built to help you maneuver through the narrow hallways and corridors. It is typically a manual chair with an added advantage of four wheels and super lightweight aluminum frame. This unique characteristic enhances the efficiency of transportation either indoors or outdoors.

Simple clasps located at the back of the seat allows for the easy and quick folding of the wheelchair making the transportation and storage easier. The standard width seat is 19” to accommodate most of the people and at the same time narrow enough for easy movement through narrow spaces.

The chair is exceptionally designed to ensure that the user is comfortable;it has a convenient padded armrest whose length allows easy access to either a table or desk. The height of the footrest can be easily adjusted depending on the need of the user. Whenever necessary, the footrest can be easily detached or flipped up for easy access to the wheelchair.

Enjoy charming ride aided by the 6” front wheels and the 8” rear wheels. These are precisely designed to lower maintenance costs to zero. The rear wheels are fixed with locks to ensure safety of the user while riding. An expression of your style is not left out in this wheelchair; it comes with durable nylon upholstery that you can often clean and design it according to your taste. Simply, drive medical fly lite wheelchair is here to make your locomotion much enjoyable.

​Drive Medical Fly Lite  Lightweight Wheelchair Features

  • Safety belt : it comes with a safety seat belt to ensure the security of the user.
  • Wheels : the wheelchair is fixed with four wheels; 6” front wheels with 8” rear casters to facilitate easy riding and maneuvering around the house and even outside in shopping malls. The wheels are made of aluminum. The rear wheelshave locks to further ensure the safety of the user.

Drive Medical Lightweight Wheelchairs

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Here are some of the major specifications of the product :

  • Foldable : the chair can be easily folded at a faster pace to aid easy storage and transportation.
  • Dimensions : when folded the wheelchair measurement is 33” X 9” X36”. The distance between the two arms is 18.75”. It has a seat depth of 15.25” and seat height of 18”.
  • Capacity : this type of wheelchair can accommodate a maximum weight of 300 lbs.
  • Aluminum frame : this ensures both durability of the wheelchair as well as the lightweight of the chair which weighs a mere 17 pounds.
  • Carry pocket : the chair comes with two pouches where the user can keep his or her personal items.
  • Nylon upholstery : there is a variety of upholstery that the user can choose from depending on the user’s sense of style. The covers are removable for cleaning.

Advantages of BEIZ Electric Wheelchair

  • Excellent compact and lightweight wheelchair. The chair weighs 17 pounds hence easy to move and lift.
  • Easily and quickly folded into a compact form that can easily fit in any conventional car trunk or even a backseat of cars like a sedan.
  • You can easily remove the footrest whenever convenient
  • It has padded armrest to make the user comfortable as well as the adjustable footrest.
  • It has small pockets both at the backrest and behind the wheelchair for storage of personal items
  • Comes when fully assembled; you just have to fix the footrest and start enjoying the ride.
  • Have powerful and efficient brakes, ensuring the security of the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION : Are the footrest removable?ANSWER: Yes, the footrest can be removed quickly and easily by just flipping on and off.

QUESTION : What is the width of the seat?ANSWER: The seat is 19” wide while the width from front to back is 15”

QUESTION : Can the chair be used by my mom who weighs 115lbs, with a height of 5 feet?ANSWER: Yes, this wheelchair has a seat height of 18” with a seat width of 19” and can carry as much as weight as 300lbs, therefore, it should be wide and comfortable enough for your mom. It is also ultra- light, weighing only 17 pounds with high durability.

QUESTION : What are the basic skills needed for assembly of this wheelchair?ANSWER: You only have to fix the footrest as the chair comes when it is already put together. The footrest is easily fixed on the sides of the wheelchair with just a click and lock on the bottom of the footrest.

Final Words

This wheelchair is an ideal solution for anyone with walking difficulty such as the sick, elderly and disabled. It comes with amazing features that you might not find anywhere else which is further boosted with its super lightweight hence can conveniently be carried with ease.

If you are looking for a flexible wheelchair that can meet all your needs, then Drive Medical Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight wheelchair is the perfect chair for you. It sells at an affordable cost,hence there is nothing to hold you back from enjoying riding in this magnificent wheelchair.

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