Features and Benefits of Electric Wheelchair

benefits of electric wheelchair

Electric wheelchairs have more features than a manual wheelchair. This will affect the price of the wheelchair and also what portion of the purchase Medicare or other health insurance benefits will cover. Some features may be essential to one user while a different feature will be essential to another user.Know the needs that the electric wheelchair will be providing for its user.

Here i am describing some key features and benefits of electric wheelchair :


When buying a motorized wheelchair different companies will have different lists of what is and is not included in the base price. Looking over this list is important to getting an electric wheelchair that will meet the needs of the user and to get the best price. Be sure to be comparing “apples to apples”. Some features may cost less if they are packaged or added at the time of the purchase.

Features That Are Available On An Electric Wheelchair

  •  Control panel-joy stick, toggles, switches, programmable
  • How chair is controlled-hand, head, mouth, or body motion
  • Seat-padded, support
  • Anti-tip bar
  • Battery-size, charging system
  • Frame-foldable, ease of disassembly, weight
  • Adjustability-arms, seat, height, foot rests
  • Tires-flat, solid, ease of change, life expectancy
  • Charger-type of plug in, amps
  • Foot rests-adjustable, detachable


When buying an electric wheelchair see if it will be delivered or you will need to pick it up. On delivery will there be someone available to go over the use of the wheel chair. The user and their caregivers should all receive instructions on the use and the safety of the electric wheelchair. Know if the wheelchair will need some assembly or not. Instructions on the first charge of the battery are important so that it will be charged properly.


Though some people who must use a wheelchair are frail and light. There are those who people who use wheelchairs because of weight related issues or have become overweight due to a health issue that limits mobility. Some medications needed also contribute to weight gain. In these cases you will need to consider that some wheelchairs will have a max weight. Some chairs may also need special design to accommodate for a larger sized person so that they are comfortable in their electric wheelchair. You will need to look at the specification on the wheelchair features.

Other specifications to consider are how long the battery will last before needing to be recharged and the speed the wheelchair goes.


Since it is motorized, you will find that the guarantee will cover different components for different lengths of time. Some maintenance may also be required to maintain the guarantee of the electrical components of the wheelchair.

Benefits of Electric Wheelchair

There is no doubt that a wheelchair can come in handy. It can make a disabled, injured, or elderly person more mobile so that they are able to enjoy their life and feel like they are keeping up. Some people may be able to wheel themselves where they need to go, but others will not have the strength. Those who cannot push themselves around will need to rely on others to get to where they want to go. This works for many people who need to use a wheelchair. It doesn’t meet everyone’s needs though.

An electric wheelchair will help people to continue to be independent by being able to get around themselves and to also do it in a timely manner. An electric wheelchair will also help there be fewer demands on a caregiver. Other benefits of an electric wheelchair include the following:


A manual wheelchair will need special accommodations to be done to a home for easy access to the rooms. Electric wheelchairs are more easily to move due to the motorization and the ease to backup and to turn. The wheels are smaller than on a manual wheelchair. The back wheels are motorized and the front wheels are on swivels. 

This makes the chair easier to turn. Depending on the electric wheelchair model, there may not need to be major alterations done to accommodate the wheelchair.


When there is a caregiver, the person in the wheel chair is able to get around, leaving the caregiver free to provide any other assistance that is needed. It also makes shopping easier if the caregiver doesn’t have to push the cart and the person in the wheelchair. Assistance with doors or to reach items can be focused on instead of pushing the wheelchair. 

It can be physically challenging for a person to push a wheelchair and a caregiver can be fatigued quickly. For partners or family members who are assisting with care of the person in a wheelchair, they many also be facing their own physical limitation and not be able to push a non-electric wheelchair.


The more a person can get around on their own, the more they can feel independent and it can help with self-esteem. An electric wheelchair even when there may be some assistance needed, the chair will still do most of the work and the person in the chair controls it.

The person in the wheelchair can travel farther distances and it can be done quickly and without help. In a manual wheelchair a person may be strong enough for short distances, but not for longer distances.


It may take too much strength to get through some terrain and small bumps in an electric wheelchair. With the added power that an electric wheelchair has, most areas can be accessible with ease.

Even if some assistance is needed to guide the wheelchair and give it a little extra push, it is still easier than pushing a manual wheelchair.


With a manual wheelchair, the user must have the strength in his or her hands and arms to be able to push the wheelchair. Not everyone who needs a wheelchair can push themselves around in one, go uphill, or maneuver a manual one. An electric wheelchair doesn’t require much strength to use the controller to move and turn the wheelchair.

An electric wheelchair may need special equipment to be transported or special transportation equipment may be required to have an electric wheel chair go wherever the wheelchair owner is going. Some electric wheelchairs are designed to breakdown easily and can be put into almost any car. It is still often worth the extra effort to be able to have the ease of mobility that is possible with an electric chair. Depending on the reason that the chair is used, some people may choose to rent a scooter or chair where they are heading to.

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