Super Light Foldable Drive Medical Wheelchair

This is a distinctive, extremely light wheelchair designed to be used by patients or disabled. The wheelchair is superb considering its super weight, affordable price and less resistance wheels that roll easily. The wheels are narrower and maintenance free. The chair can be easily folded by simply squeezing the release lever under the right armrest. In just a maximum of five seconds, the folding will be complete, which makes this chair as one of the best wheelchairs in the market.

foldable drive medical wheelchair

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The Drive chair weighs 19lbs which makes it possible to be easily lifted by nearly all adults during storage purposes. When folded, its size is greatly reduced and can be packed in any car trunk or airplane.

The chair is uniquely built to ensure that the user is comfortable. It has a flip-back armrest and fold down footrest coupled with seat belt. It is made of aluminum alloy frame, making it strong to support heavy weight people.

The chair is much stronger and is made to last and is very easy to maneuver around with through the narrow hallways and corridors. The wheelchair comes with various accessories such as carrying bag for easy storage and transportation. The unfolding of the chair is pretty fast, hence no need to struggle with it.

​Drive chair is not only helpful in enhancing mobility of patients and elderly, but also eliminate the need of looking for a bench when you are out in a park. The chair has been of profound help,especially to those people who find it hard to lift heavy weight such as those with severe stroke or partially handicapped who are looking for a wheelchair that can be operated by one hand, Drive medical wheelchair is the ideal solution.

Super Light Foldable Drive Medical Wheelchair

  • Dimensions : the standard measurement of super light folding transport wheelchair is 30” X 24” X 13”. Howbeit, these measurements can be altered based on the requirements of the customer.

foldable drive medical wheelchairs

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Here are some of the major specifications of the product :

  • Easily foldable : the chair can be folded easily and quickly to be packed in any car trunk or airplane. The weight is also light enough for easy lifting during storage.
  • Inclination rate : the wheelchair can climb a hill or slope of steepness not exceeding 8 degrees. This enables the user to easily hike ramps with minimum or no effort at all.
  •  Made of aluminum alloy : the frame of the chair is made of strong aluminum to reduce wear and tear thereby reducing maintenance cost.
  • Super light : the weight of the wheelchair is just 19lbs making it easily portable from one place to another.
  • Compound wheels : the wheels are made of strong rubber to withstand heavy weight and are incorporated with standard rear wheel locks lowering maintenance cost to zero.
  • Safety belt : this is one of the few chairs where the safety of the user is assured by use of a safety seat belt.
  • Carry bag : the wheelchair comes with its own carry bag to simplify transportation and storage processes.

 Advantages Super Light Foldable Drive Medical Wheelchair

  • It is easy to operate with no special skill needed. You just need to follow the guidelines in the manual that the wheelchair comes with.
  • The wheelchair comes with comfortable seats,which are both detachable and durable.
  • The chair can be easily folded in a few seconds to ease the transportation and storage processes. The folded chair can then be packed in any car trunk due to its reduced size.
  • Rear wheelchair is made of long lasting aluminum alloy frame.
  • Armrest and leg rests are easily detachable when convenient. There is also amazing anti-back castor to make the user comfortable and enjoy the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION : Can the chair be used to carry 120 lbs patient? ANSWER : Yes, however, care should be taken to ensure you properly balance the wheelchair due to its small wheels that can easily lose balance.

QUESTION : Is there a button used for folding the chair? ANSWER : There is no button on this drive chair, but just a loop located behind the chair that is squeezed to fold the chair. It is pretty simple and can be done by just one hand in seconds.

QUESTION : can this chair be allowed on planes? ANSWER: Yes, it comes with its soft case where the wheelchair can be packed into and stored in the cabin. The chair can be wheeled through the airplane’s ramp while carrying the user.

QUESTION : What are the measurements of the seat? ANSWER : the standard measurement of super light folding transport wheelchair is 30”L X 24”W X 13”H.

Final Words

Drive medical super light wheelchair is a well-madechair, durable, flexible and can be comfortably used by anyone who is not physically fit to walk. The chair is easy to move inside the house and its weight of 19lbs enables it to be easily carried. Paved terrain is an ideal place to use this wheelchair on. Operating the chair does not require any special skills and that also applies to its assembly.

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