Drive Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair, Fixed Full Arms

Are you looking for a superior wheelchair? Enjoy the lightweight steel transport wheelchair with nylon seat upholstery. The product is compact, foldable, and easy to carry in the trunk of vehicles.

The 26 pounds wheelchair has a detachable swing-away footrest and cushioned armrests attached to the steel frame.

The piece of caregiving equipment is safe to use on wet floors, in the bathroom and eases movement. All four wheels are the same in size; the four composite 8-inch wheels have sleek designs. 

19-inch Seat Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair

Although this product doesn’t have built-in handbrakes, the rear tires can be manually locked. For safe transfers, the easy-to-clean upholstery is fitted with safety seatbelt. The Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair offers a convenient sitting position; with a dimension of 16 X 17 X 19 inches; length, width, and height.

Features of the 19-inch Seat Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair

Highly stackable

The 19-inch Seat Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair comes with foldable seats that allow its sides to be pushed together. The lightweight steel mobility aid is easy to lift and fit into the trunk of a vehicle. More so, the steel wheelchair doesn’t require large space for storage after use. 

Smart Wheels

The four wheels have ease of alignment at any angle. The wheelchair has four composite 8-inch wheels that show superior navigation in tight, and narrow indoor layouts. The rear and front pair of wheels offers improved performance. The wheels can be used outdoors; in the snow, rough, and a wet surface. The rear wheels have levers that manually lock, unlock, and are easy to control regardless of their sizes.

The lightweight steel frame is maintenance free with longer-lasting life. The four wheels can be effortlessly maneuvered in narrow spaces and tight corners.

Ease of use and safety

The hand-grip is made of plastic for easy handling, while the fixed full-length arms are padded. Little assistance is required to control the foldable wheelchair for safe transfers. The swing-away footrests are fitted on the base of the wheelchair to make the user’s sitting position comfortable. There is a latch beneath the seat (attached to the wheels) that are used for safe transfers, and easy transportation. 

Sturdy material

The foldable  19-inch Seat Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair is made from lightweight steel frames. The nylon polyester upholstery is easy to clean with fabric materials. Most airline operators use foldable wheelchairs that are ideal for air travel. This product meets specifications for in-flight services because it’s reasonably sturdy, and convenient to disassemble after use. 

The foldable lightweight wheelchair has protective coatings against weather conditions; this feature preserves the integrity of its steel frame. Its sturdy construction ensures ease of use, durability and more value for money.


  • Backrest, chair foldable, and footrest detachable for easy transportation
  • At any angle, it’s easy to maneuver the wheels in narrow indoor layout
  • The steel frame is lightweight and maintenance free


  • There’s no provision for the pouch (storage jacket) attached to the body of the wheelchair
  • There’s no provision for any frame to hold oxygen bottles

Final Verdict

The wheelchair is a mobile aid that takes stress off caregivers because they require little effort to push the tool. The foldable wheelchair can be used independently or with assistance on flat or rough terrains. It’s reliable, stable, and fitted with fixed cushions that are padded as armrests. The user’s lower limbs enjoy leg space because the wheelchair carries detachable swing-away footrest. The seat is comfortable for adults; with dimensions of 19 inches high and 16 X 17 inches (length and width) respectively. The products don’t need large storage space after use or huge trunk space during transportation.

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