The 5 Best Tuners for 6.0 Powerstroke – Programmer Reviews 2019

There was a time when if the engine of a motor vehicle was not running at peak performance, a mechanic would look at some stripped down components, listen to the sound, check gaps with a feeler gauge, turn a knob here tighten a screw there and if he was good the engine would purr in perfect harmony and at top performance.

Gone are those days. Now the computer rules. Not only is it a mechanic’s most essential tool for diagnosing faults as well as making adjustments, but a vehicle owner’s important asset for obtaining peak performance. Many tuners have been created to be installed into a vehicle and improve performance by communicating directly with your vehicle’s built-in computer.​

In this article we will explore the best tuners for 6.0 Powerstroke, the popular engine for many Ford diesels trucks manufactured in recent years.

Best Tuners for 6.0 Powerstroke Programmer 201​9 Reviews

1. SCT Performance 7015 X4 Power Flash Programmer- Ford

The tuner is designed to give you more horse-power, throttle response and torque. You may even find that you obtain better mileage.

As with any software new versions are constantly coming out and Wi-fi is built in to the tuner to make it easy to download updates as they come out.

SCT Performance Power Flash Programmer- Ford

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The tuner has three basic functions. It lets you monitor vehicle performance, it lets you make certain adjustments and it will even make some corrections. EGT temperatures and fuel/air-flow ratios are typical parameters that can be monitored. PCM trouble codes can be read and cleared.

The adjustments that can be made are quite numerous. You can correct the calculations for fuel efficiency which might have gone awry after changing gear ratio. It can help engine breaking by keeping the torque position locked. You can adjust the idle position, the air intake box and there is a rev limiter and a speed limiter. There is the facility to enable your SCT custom dealer to install up to 10 additional custom tunes specially for you.

2. Superchips 1845 Flashpaq F5 Programmer

This is a hand-held tuner that will let you increase horse power and make adjustments to fuel control. Many vehicle owners report great fuel savings as a result. 

Other functions include corrections to the speedometer when it has become misaligned after a change of tyre size or gear ratio. Shift and torque can also be tuned and the speed and rev limiters can be adjusted.

Superchips 1845 Flashpaq F5 Programmer

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Although this is a handheld device, a number of monitoring features are also available. Software is updated through the internet and transferred to the 1845 Flashpaq via a USB stick.

Greater power and accelerator response are widely reported in customer reviews. A smoother ride is another benefit about which many customers wax lyrical.  One reviewer who runs a landscape gardening business and regularly pulls a trailer, has commented that since tuning with the towing package, he hardly notices the existence of the trailer behind him.

3. SCT Performance 5015P Livewire TS+ Performance Ford Programmer

The 5015P livewire recalibrates the settings on your vehicle’s computer which are factory set to suit the average driver. By recalibrating these settings maximum horsepower, torque and acceleration can be achieved.

Shifts are firmer and there are sometimes even fuel savings of 1-2 miles per gallon. In some cases significant fuel savings averaging three miles per gallon have been reported, but this is greater than expectations suggested by the manufacturer.

SCT Performance 5015P Livewire TS+ Performance Ford Programmer

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Other pre-loaded files improve fuel/airflow ratio and engine timing. There are tunes for performance and tunes for towing and it is easy to switch rom one to the other. The 5015P makes it easy to adjust your vehicle to your driving conditions.

Smoother driving is the key reported benefit. To make software updates easy, WIFI is built in to the unit. The 5015P Livewire is a neat little unit and the dial and digital readouts are extremely clear and easy to read.

4. Edge Products 15003 05-07 FORD 6.0L

The Edge1503 is programmed to three different levels: High Performance. Tow or just Transmission. This is so as to gain maximum mileage and performance for your specific driving conditions. Throttle response, shift pressures and other performance-related adjustments are made according to the chosen level.

A host of monitoring features are available to make it easy for you to keep track of oil temperature, transmission fluid temperature, coolant temperature. Engine load is another.

Edge Products 15003 05-07 FORD 6.0L

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Vital engine functions are monitored with an in-cab display. The unit can also keep track of and log critical engine data. Additional adjustments can be made to speed and rev limiters, tyre size and gear ration thereby making optimum shifting possible. 

The Edge 15003 also has a feature that allows you to carry out performance tests every eighth and quarter mile as well as measuring reaction times. In short, the unit provides for a lot of monitoring and analysis as well as performance improvement.

5. Innovative Performance Chip/Power Programmer for Ford

Although very competitively priced, the Innovative Chip/Power Programmer, comes with a full money-back guarantee and offers a lifetime warranty.

The Innovative Performance Chip/Power Programmer claims to boost horsepower by as much as 50 and to increase mileage by as much as 5 miles per gallon on the Ford models for which it is designed.

Innovative Performance Chip/Power Programmer for Ford

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No permanent changes are made to the computer that is factory-installed on these-above mentioned Fords and the tuner suppliers make a point of saying that the tuner can be used on these models without invalidating the Ford warranty.

Air/fuel ration and timing are the main areas that the makers seek to optimise to obtain these results.

The tuner suppliers also boast that the product can be installed in less than ten minutes without any mechanical experience. In the event that help in installing is needed, the company’s technical staff are always happy to answer questions that might arise. The installation kit comes with detailed instructions and photographs.

How to Pick the Best Tuner for 6.0 Powerstroke

Vehicle engines, whether motor car or truck, are these days largely computer controlled. The software on the vehicle’s computer is set to cater for the average driver. There is great scope for increasing the vehicles driving performance and fuel efficiency by over-riding these factory stings with the help of special tuners of which a whole host have come on to the market.

We’ve listed a number of them that have been made specifically for the 6.0 Powerstroke. We will now discuss some of the points you might like to consider before purchasing one.


Price is obviously important. In general terms you should expect to have to pay more for more quality, but sometime a product might be less expensive because it has less features. If these features cover your specific needs, it might well be worth considering them.

The above-mentioned Innovative Performance Chip/Power Programmer, for example, costs substantially less than many tuners but concentrates on just a few areas. It gives an exceptional money back guarantee and it has sold over 75,000 units. You might well consider this tuner, specially if it is the first time you are going to use one.

Your personal level of mechanical expertise

How much do you know about engine settings? If you are very knowledgeable you will probably want a tuner that has a lot of features and gives you a lot of control. You might then be attracted by the SCT Performance 7015 X4 Power Flash Programmer- Ford, which in addition to its pre-installed programmes will let a specialist mechanic upload up to 10 additional programmes for your vehicle. If, on the other hand, you would like things kept simple as possible you might like the way the Edge Products 15003 is pre-organised for three different levels.

Ease of Installation

In similar fashion to the previous point, consider how good you are at putting things together. You may be a whizz kid in such matters, or you may want to be able to just plug and play. How easy is it to install your possibly preferred tuner? Are there clear instructions? Are there photographs or drawings included?

What do you want to get out of your tuner?

Do you want to boost your horse power and throttle response? Do you want to have a smoother ride with better control of shift and tyre settings? Or are the many monitoring features available on some tuners of great importance to you also? In that case the monitor features of tuners such as the SCT Performance 5015P Livewire might interest you.

Tuner or Programmer?

Although often thought to be one and the same, they are in fact slightly different. A tuner is permanently installed in your vehicle and you have considerable control over the settings. A programmer, on the other hand is a plug and play device that is pre-set to give optimum performance. The devices described in this article, are strictly speaking programmers, but are in common parlance usually referred to as Tuners.

Final Note

When you are reviewing the best Tuners for 6.0 Powerstroke and trying to decide which is the best tuner for your needs, it is very worthwhile reading the product reviews that you can usually find under a catalogue listing. Read the claims of mileage savings, for example, and see how they compare with user experiences. Different users will report different experiences. One might report a fuel saving of 5 miles per gallon another might say he has no fuel saving whatsoever. It may be because of the vehicle or the way it is driven or the way the installation has been undertaken. Read as many reviews as possible to get an overall picture.

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