BEIZ Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

You’ll surely bare witness that disability is never an absolute scathing thing. Any crippled individual can still go anywhere with the help of a luxurious wheelchair.

This lightweight, Wheelchair is fitted with numerous appealing features to help users maneuver with little or no difficulty.

BEIZ Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

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BEIZ lightweight Electric Wheelchair typically incorporates luxurious seat that folds and unfolds easily, as well as an artificial intelligence control gadget to help boost its swift movement and functionality.

Unlike all the other electric wheelchairs that have firmly attached batteries, BEIZ Lightweight is laughably easy to operate and maintain. Of course its long-lasting battery is re-chargeable, and doesn’t require any elbow-grease fixing and unfixing.

The Wheelchair operates under two special modes; one is the motor-driven, while the other is the manual driven mode. When it’s out of power, it automatically switches to the manual mode. Furthermore, the wheelchair has the ability to fold up into a light and small object that can be carried easily from one point to another.

Features of BEIZ Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

  • BEIZ Lightweight wheelchair has the ability to carry up to 125kg.
  • It also contains a driving range of 20km. This wheelchair does not consume a lot of time during charging. It only takes a maximum of six hours before the battery gets fully charged. To crown it all, once the charge is complete, Beiz lightweight consumes very little amount of power, as it performs a wide array of tasks.

BEIZ Lightweight Electric Wheelchair Features

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Here are some of the major specifications of the product :

  • We surely need to mention that the chair has a reasonable length to ensure that almost every individual fits properly. It has an overall length of 1160mm, and a folded length of 805mm. Ideally, BEIZ wheelchair is pragmatically flexible – it can fold and stretch by greater dimensions.
  • Stretched maximally, it has an overall width of 62cm, and only 42mm when folded. It shows that the chair can easily fold to fit into small carrier spaces. It can be packed and transported with little or no difficulty.

Advantages of BEIZ Electric Wheelchair

  • This wheelchair is very light and can be transported easily.
  • Its ability to fold renders it flexible and typically convenient. Besides, it can operate in two modes; both physically and electrically. This feature was intelligently added to help operate in complicated situations.
  • If your chair runs out of power and you are in a critical place that needs continued movement, you can easily move your chair by physically pushing its two large wheels.
  • It also incorporates artificial intelligence that makes it easy to operate after a slight orientation, although most users operate it without going through any form of orientation.
  • As stated earlier, the chair can travel up to a maximum of 20km without experiencing power shortages. Furthermore, charging only takes less than six hours. Most users are advised to charge during the night, when they’re not in an urgent need of the chair.
  • If you feel you’re in need of the chair while it’s charging, you can still use, but then, see to it that it’s fully charged at a later time.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: How does the BEIZ electric Wheelchair charge? ANSWER: This is pretty simple; just connect the cable to the battery and then ensure that power is turned on. If you’re still experiencing problems, you can troubleshoot by checking the cables and the presence of power. Most problems in the charging system are caused by improper fixing of the cables, and insufficient or no power supply to the cable.

QUESTION: Can the footrest beadjusted? ANSWER: Yes, they can be adjusted; electrically.

QUESTION: Are the footrests removable? ANSWER: Sure, they can be removed. The answer provided above succinctly explains that footrests aren’t fixed permanently, and are eligible for modification, manipulation and other minor adjustments.

QUESTION: What is its actual weight? Can it fit properly in the trunk of a standard four door sedan? ANSWER: The BEIZ electric wheelchair is not that heavy. Precisely, it weighs around 90 pounds. The chair perfectly fits in a standard 4 door sedan.

QUESTION: How far can the chair go after a single charge? ANSWER: Well, the answer to this question is not exact, but we can give an estimate. When the power is fully charged, the chair works flawlessly, and all its intelligence systems are in full functionality. Typically, it can move up to 20km before a recharge is done. But this basically depends on the terrain, as well as other activities subjected to the chair. Otherwise, it can always cover more than 20km after a single charge.

QUESTION; is the chair approved by the air travel? ANSWER: Yes

QUESTION: What is its maximum load? ANSWER: The chair can carry up to 220 pounds without damaging, or even showing signs of overloading.

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Final Words

BEIZ Lightweight Wheelchair is designed diligently to help transport individuals in different conditions. It is simple to operate, and can be driven with both young crippled, and older individuals with walking disabilities. It is designed with current technical ideas, and can thus compete effectively in our dynamic market.

Dennis P. Baughman

Dennis P. Baughman is the Editor of UnbeatenRolling. His disabilities couldn't stop him to be self driven person. He started this blog to share his personal knowledge about all kinds of wheelchairs and different tips and advice about chairs.

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