10 Awesome Gifts For Wheelchair Users

Do you know a wheelchair user? Are you looking for a gift idea for them? This article has 10 great wheelchair gift ideas for each type of wheelchair user. You will find gift ideas for everyone from kids to elderly wheelchair users. Find a cool wheelchair gift idea for the wheelchair user in your life.

Gift Idea For A Young Wheelchair User

Wheelchair spoke guards make great gift ideas for a child in a wheelchair

Do you know a young wheelchair user? Or a wheelchair user who is young at heart? Spoke Guards are a great wheelchair gift idea for young wheelchair user. Every child below the age of 15 should absolutely have Spoke Guards on their wheelchair. And spoke guards make the perfect gift for any adult who wants to dress up their wheelchair. Spoke guards serve two important purposes:

First, wheelchair spoke guards keep fingers out of spokes. Little fingers have a way of finding themselves in spokes and getting injured. Every children's wheelchair should have spoke guards on them.

Second, wheelchair spoke guards add color and personality to a wheelchair. It is best to change wheelchair spoke guards as frequently as you can afford. Why? Wheelchair spoke guards are much less expensive than the wheelchair and new spoke guards will help to make the wheelchair look new. Sort of like painting a room, new wheelchair spoke guards refresh the wheelchair.

What size wheelchair spoke guard do you buy? Most wheelchairs for kids have 20 inch wheels. This refers to the diameter of the wheel. Usually the diameter of the wheel is written on the rubber tire. If not, it can easily be measured. Keep in mind that the spoke guard does not cover the entire wheel, so while the diameter of the wheel should be 20 inches, the diameter of the spoke guard will be less than 20 inches, usually around 16 inches.

Here are my recommended Gifts For Wheelchair Users

Gift Idea for a Teen Wheelchair User

A backpack is a great wheelchair gift idea for an active wheelchair user

Are you buying for a teen or a young adult? Consider a wheelchair backpack. A teen in a wheelchair is often active. Young adults are constantly on the go and just about every young adult will have a backpack. A young adult in wheelchair needs a backpack even more. Why? Their hands are busy pushing their wheelchair, so a backpack is convenient for holding books, phones and other essentials

However, a wheelchair backpack does not go on the back of the person, rather it goes on the back of the wheelchair. Caution, a wheelchair backpack should never carry very heavy items, or it can make the wheelchair imbalanced and tippy.

Here my recommendation

Gift Idea For An Older Wheelchair User

Wheelchair tire covers are excellent for older wheelchair users

Do you want to buy a wheelchair gift for an older person? Wheelchair tire covers go over the tire of the wheelchair and help to keep the wheelchair users house clean. Wheelchair tire covers can also be used when visiting guests and family so that the wheelchair does not leave dirt or marks on the floors or carperts. Wheelchair tire covers can go over the hand grips so that the hands stay clean, or they can go behind the handgrips so that the hand grips are exposed.

Here is my recommendation 

Gift Idea A Person Who Has Difficulty Leaving The House

Do you know someone who never gets out of the house? Give the gift of mobility.

Many wheelchair users are able to move somewhat, but can not walk great distances. For that reason, they rarely leave the house. For the less than mobile, but not paralyzed wheelchair user, consider a mobitliy scooter. some mobility scooters, such as the one below, can be used indoor and outdoor. Also they break apart into components which can be easily transported.

Also, mobility scooters are less expensive than you might think.

Here my recommendation

Gift Idea For a Wheelchair User who Drives

Do you know a wheelchair user who cannot buy an adapted vehicle?

Portable Automotive Hand Control Systems are great for wheelchair users who cannot afford an adapted vehicle. Portable hand control systems let the wheelchair user control the brakes and gas with their hands. These work a lot better than one can imagine. However, if your wheelchair user is a quadriplegic, they may not have enough hand control to use these.

Here my recommendation

Gift Idea For a Paralyzed Wheelchair User

A Quality wheelchair cushion can save their butt and their life.

A paralyzed wheelchair user MUST have a best wheelchair cushion. Why? One of the biggest risks for a paralyzed wheelchair user is pressure sores. Pressure sores can be not only painful, but if not treated properly a pressure sore can lead to infection and ultimately can be fatal. Many wheelchair user who get pressure sores find that they must be bed ridden, on their stomachs for months or even a year until the pressure sore heals. This is why paralyzed wheelchair users take their wheelchair cushion very seriously. Kieba Coccyx cushion is the leader in quality wheelchair cushions. The   Kieba Coccyx wheelchair cushion is one of the best. Order by size of the wheelchair seat sling. A quality cushion is a wheelchair gift idea which your wheelchair user is sure to appreciate.

Here my recommendation

Gift Idea For A Wheelchair User who Loves Gadgets

Wheelchair Wheel Lights Will Pimp their Wheelchair

Does your wheelchair user like new technology? Consider an ultra-light wheelchair light for their wheelchair. These wheelchair lights weigh less than half an ounce, but provide lighting at night. They can also be used to give a fun under glow effect to the wheelchair as can be seen in the video below to "Pimp Out" the wheelchair. This wheelchair gift will provide safety and fun.

Here my recommendation

Here is my small list of some of the best wheelchair users gift ideas . Love and affection for all wheelchair users. Keep your unbeaten rolling!

Do you have a gift idea for a wheelchair user? Please leave your gifts for wheelchair users below .

Dennis P. Baughman

Dennis P. Baughman is the Editor of UnbeatenRolling. His disabilities couldn't stop him to be self driven person. He started this blog to share his personal knowledge about all kinds of wheelchairs and different tips and advice about chairs.

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