Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair – for Large Dogs 70-180 lbs – Veterinarian Approved

Are you looking for a superior veterinarian-approved animal wheelchair back legs? Show your pet some love and buy the hind legs wheelchair that aids their disability mobility. The wheelchair has adjustable front harness and safety belts for the pet's belly.

Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair - for Large Dogs

Depending on the size and height of your canine; you can adjust the frame, side extenders, and width connector. Gift your pets this mobile aid, and allow them to enjoy this lightweight wheelchair for large dogs. The product is suitable for Doberman, German shepherd, the golden retriever and adult dogs. 

To prevent buying the wrong size, take measurements from its paws to the fold of flanks (FoF) when the dog is laying down. Then, you're ready to get the best fit for dogs of between 70 to 180 pounds. More so, the mobile aid is ideal and adjustable for large dogs with leg lengths of between 17 to 20 inches. The product is designed with bright colors that increase visibility at night.

Features of the Wheelchair Back Legs for Large Large Dogs 

Ease of use

The adjustable hind legs wheelchair is comfortable and easy to wear. The front harness can be expanded in height, length, and width for dogs that weigh between 70 to 180 lbs. To adjust wheelchair, ensure that the pet maintains a standing and fixed position. There's optimal comfort for every dog that uses this wheelchair. 

Sturdy metal frame

The foam tires are puncture-free and tough on rough terrains. However, the veterinarian-approved hind legs wheelchair is made of a high-grade aluminum frame. The sturdy material is lightweight, weatherproof, and durable. The wheels are made from dense foam materials with rubber treads; as your dog to explores, the tires are suitable for rough terrains. The lightweight wheelchair has protective coatings that preserve the integrity of its metal frame. Its sturdy construction ensures durability and more value for money.

Assists all mobile-constraints

Injuries, slipped disc, paralysis, surgical recovery, spinal and neurological problems can affect the mobility of four-legged animals. The Dog Wheelchair Back Legs is ideal for all veterinary conditions that decrease mobility. Some dogs might have genetic conditions of degenerative myelopathy (DM), and they would require mobile aids. However, this wheelchair is a special purpose assistant that's easy to use.

Your dog can poop

Don't be worry because your pets can poop and pee when they wear the Wheelchair Back Legs. More so, the wheelchair can assist them to perform their regular body recovery exercise. Train your pet to use its hind legs to maintain muscle mass during the training period. It will be easy to teach the dog endurance training with the front harness in firm position.


  • Suitable for dogs with weights of between 70 to 180 pounds, and legs length of between 17 to 20 inches
  • A durable frame that's made of aluminum material, and requires low maintenance
  • Puncture-free tires that are ideal for all rough terrains and wet surfaces.


  • The plastic materials attached to the aluminum frame is not strong for large dogs that weigh over 100 pounds.

Final Verdict

When you have a lovely pet dog with hind legs paralysis; use a pair of stirrups attached to this wheelchair. The string-like stirrups prevent the dog's rear legs from dragging on the ground. The wheelchair weighs less than 10 pounds, and it's ideal for maneuvering tight corners.

The lightweight aluminum frame is built to give the stability that eases the dog's mobility. This mobile aid is recommended by veterinary doctors because it quickens post-surgical recovery. More so, the rear legs wheelchair aids pets with paralysis and other conditions that affect mobility.

Dennis P. Baughman

Dennis P. Baughman is the Editor of UnbeatenRolling. His disabilities couldn't stop him to be self driven person. He started this blog to share his personal knowledge about all kinds of wheelchairs and different tips and advice about chairs.

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