TEKTON 5547 4-Ton Dual Gear Power Puller Analysis

If you are looking for a one-handed gear for pulling the load, then you have come to the right place. The 4-Ton dual gear power puller is one of the finest pulling gears in the industry. All you need is to pull it with your one hand. This product can pull weight up to 4 ton. For smaller business purpose this product has a high use. 

TEKTON 5547 4-Ton Dual Gear Power Puller

Features of The 4 Ton dual gear power puller 

The The 4 Ton dual gear power puller  has a retching gear pulling system which gives you the comfort for one-handed pulling. Even if it is a heavy load you will able to pull it easily with one hand. It has a facility of locking pawls and dual gears which helps to distribute the pulling force.

Efficiency and Safety 

The dual gear and locking pawls feature to distribute the force of pulling properly. So, it gives less power and pulls greater weight with the 4-Ton dual gear power puller. Its lengthy handle enables the operator to experience the slip-free grip feature on this device. This puller is more rugged than regular products in the marketplace. More so, as a safety feature; the device is fitted with a latch to make it more secure for the users. 

Corrosion-free material

The 4-Ton dual gear power puller is manufactured with high-quality steel and a galvanized finishing on it; making the puller completely free from corrosion. 

One Hand Pulling Feature

The steel cable used in this product is a complete braided steel cable with ¼ inch of width. It has safety latch in the hook which has a self-closing facility. This latch helps the puller not to lose the weight or the product from it.

High Capacity Pulling Power

When used as a single line, this tool can pull at most (maximum rated capacity)  4,000 pounds; however, the operator should maintain at least 2,000 pounds as safe working load capacity. By maintaining the minimum load, the product will last longer. The aircraft-grade braided steel cable has a maximum pull length is 12 feet 7 inches. When stretched as a double line; it has a length of 7 feet 3 inches. More so, when pulling as a double line the maximum weight would be 8000 lbs; however, safe working load capacity is 4000 lbs.  

Easy to Use

It has a ratchet handle of 21 inches which is made with steel and has a non-slip grip. This feature makes it comfortable while pulling heavyweights. It provides the comfortable position while pulling loads; so, your arm will not feel any pressure, and it keeps your fingers away from being accidents. 


The 4-Ton dual gear power puller is made with high-quality steel which very much hard. It also has a galvanized coating on it so which makes the product completely corrosion resistant. The sturdy construction makes the 4-Ton dual gear power puller durable, and reliable,  to use.


  • A high-quality material that's weatherproof, and corrosion-free.  The chrome finish gives this gear power puller a unique appearance.
  • Capacity to pull up to 4000 lbs weight, and the best option for pulling up car and machines.


  • Poor spool design that's hard to release under heavy loads
  • Low quality pulling chain that gets stuck sometimes while pulling the heavy load.

Final Verdict

The corrosion-resistant 4-Ton Dual Gear Power Pulley is made with the best materials that can withstand weights of at most 4,000 pounds. The device is handy, portable and durable. With a sturdy construction; this gear power pulley has been built to serve longer than regular products in the market.

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