Superwinch 1585202 LP8500 Winch Gen II 12 VDC 8500lbs/3856kg Handheld Remote

The second generation 12-volt powered winch has been manufactured with original mechanical and insulating components that are tough and have been tested. Unlike other winches, this handheld remote controller is reliable and trusted as a (DIY) do-it-yourself tool. With its rated capacity; the device can handle at most (8500 lbs) 3856 kg weights. The underwater operations of lifting and pulling can be done; simply because of the waterproof technology. 

Superwinch 1585202 LP8500 Winch

The weather-sealed winch is designed to fit boat trailers, lightweight vehicles, RVs, 4x4 vehicles, and trailers. Your pulling and towing operations just got better with the handy device. More so, there is a point of attachment for the (steel hawse) mounting plate, but it's not sold together with the winch.

Features of Second Generation 12-Volt D.C Weather-sealed Winch

Ruggedly built motor

The motor (engine) that powers this second generation winch is an efficient 4.5 hp (3.3kW)) machine; it uses a power rating of 12 Volts direct current (DC) only. There are color-coated leads for easy connection to a power source. More so the motor is weather-sealed because there's every tendency that the operating environment might have some level of moisture. The wound motor is ruggedly built to pull a maximum load capacity of 8,500 lb conveniently.

Handheld Remote

The 12-volt winch has been improved with a durable handheld plastic remote switch that has a 15-foot cable for easy control. The remote controller makes it easier to control towing and lifting operations. There is a visual instruction that guides the operator to roll in or release the 5/16 inches by 94feet (7.9mm x 29m) steel wire rope. With the small plastic remote controller, you can powers load in and out from a long distance without changing your position.

Sturdy design

Its sturdy construction is what makes this weather-sealed winch efficient. The device's internal arrangement has a solenoid and circuit breaker that are highly insulated from wear and tear. This feature increases the protection of your device and guarantees maximum electromagnetic power regardless of the weather condition during operations. Its steel wire rope is fitted with a solid latched hook that can handle heavy-duty tasks.

The rope thimble is toughly designed to work freely and stop (load hold braking) safely when there's a sudden power outage that during operations. This system of mechanical and automatic load hold can halt pulling or lift operations.

Ease of Use

There is a mounting bolt pattern with a dimension of 10 by 4.5 inches (254mm x 114.3mm) that allow for ease of use. The product might not be lightweight because it's 73 pounds. However, the dimension is 21.3 x 6.3 x 8.6 inches, and the product can be attached with mounting hardware. The free spooling clutch is operated by a lever action that switches off the motor and allows a manual extension of the steel wire rope.


  • During operation, the 3-stage planetary gearbox system produces low noise
  • Super strong latched hook attached to the thimble
  • Automatic load holding braking for safety when there's power failure


The plastic case of the handheld remote controller is not strong. There is a high risk of splitting when it hits a harder surface.

Final Verdict

The second generation 12-volt winch can be used for every day towing and pulling. Any weekend getaway that involves pulling your boat (not more than 8,500 lb) has been made seamless. The device is easy because it's compatible with your vehicle's 12 volts battery. Its 3-stage planetary gear train is made of metal, rugged and reliable to withstand normal operations. 

The electrical components and handheld remote are properly insulated to increase electromagnetic efficiency and prevent electric shocks during operations.

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