Self Transport Folding Wheelchair with detachable Footrest and Armrest

This is a magnificent, flexible and durable wheelchair that greatly enhances locomotion among the patients, elderly and disabled. The chair also comes at a cheaper price as compared to its counterparts in the market. It comes when fully assembled except for the footrest which can be easily fixed onto the sides of the wheelchair. 

The chair is narrow enough to pass through doorways and maneuver around with indoors and outdoors.

It is a lightweight wheelchair that comes with detachable elevating leg rest and armrest. With a weight of 49lbs, it can be easily carried during transportation and storage processes. You can easily adjust the seat to suit your height. It is economical with magnificent features that are intact. The chair is uniquely built to ensure that the user is comfortable. It has a flip-back armrest and fold down footrest coupled with seat belt.

It is made of aluminum alloy frame, making it strong to support heavy weight people. The chair is much stronger and is made to last and is very easy to maneuver around with through the narrow hallways and corridors. The wheelchair comes with various accessories such as carrying bag for easy storage and transportation. The unfolding of the chair is pretty fast, hence no need to struggle with it.

It is made of aluminum alloy frame, making the chair as light as 49lbs as well as ensuring the durability of the chair. This transport chair is an ideal solution for those who find it hard to move out and about and also those who are crippled or simply are not able to propel a wheelchair on their own.

Self Transport Folding Wheelchair with Footrest

  • Detachable armrest and footrest: the footrest can be easily elevated to a height that best suits the user. You can also detach the desk armrest whenever convenient.
  • Four wheels: it has small 8” front wheel coupled with enlarged 24” rear wheel with soft-grip tires.
  • Dimensions: the wheelchair has overall measurements of 36”H X 27”W X 30”L. It has a dark nylon upholsters seat measuring 18” X 16”. The height between the floor and seat is 19”.
  • Weight: together with the footrest, the wheelchair weighs 49lbs. It has a weight capacity of 250lbs.
  •  Foldable: the chair can be easily folded at a faster pace to aid easy storage and transportation.
  • Aluminum frame: this ensures both durability of the wheelchair as well as the lightweight of the chair which weighs a mere 49lbs.
  • Nylon upholstery: there is a variety of upholstery that the user can choose from depending on the user’s sense of style. The covers are removable for cleaning

Advantages of BEIZ Electric Wheelchair

  • The chair arrives when already fully assembled; you only need to attach the footrests.
  • Can easily pass through the normal doorways.
  • It comes with back pocket that can be used to store personal items
  • The four wheels are uniquely designed to enable the chair to roll easily with little effort.
  • It is a high quality, affordable wheelchair.
  • Excellent compact and lightweight wheelchair. The chair weighs 49 lbs hence easy to move and lift.
  • Easily and quickly folded into a compact form that can easily fit in any conventional car trunk or even a backseat of cars like a sedan.
  • You can easily remove the footrest whenever convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Can the chair be leased?
: unfortunately no, this kind of wheelchair cannot be leased, but all is not lost as its price is affordable hence can be just purchased at once.

QUESTION: Do I have to put it together?                                                                            ANSWER: No, the chair arrives in one piece; you only have to attach the footrest.

QUESTION: How much does it weigh?
: the wheelchair weighs 49lbs.

QUESTION: what are the measurements of the chair?
: The wheelchair measures of 36”H X 27”W X 30”L. It has a black nylon upholsters seat measuring 18” WX 16”D. The height between the seat and floor is 19”.

QUESTION: Is there a way of dealing with the odor?
: There is no definite way of eliminating the odor, but just like a new car, the odor will soon disappear naturally. You just give it time and all will be well. The perfect way to do that is to concentrate on the excellent qualities and stability of the wheelchair.

QUESTION: Are the footrest removable?
: Yes, the footrest can be removed quickly and easily by just flipping on and off.

Final Words

Self- Transport Folding Wheelchair is a well-made chair, durable, flexible and can be comfortably used by anyone who is not physically fit to walk. This wheelchair is uniquely made to last as it has a strong carbon steel frame which is long-lasting. 

It is fixed with the high performing urethane rear tires to enhance the efficiency of the wheelchair.It is sold at an affordable cost, hence there is no reason to hold you back from enjoying riding in this superb wheelchair.

Dennis P. Baughman

Dennis P. Baughman is the Editor of UnbeatenRolling. His disabilities couldn't stop him to be self driven person. He started this blog to share his personal knowledge about all kinds of wheelchairs and different tips and advice about chairs.

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