Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair

This is another version of the vast wheelchairs on the market. Most of this wheelchair come with distinctive features that mark their identity and flawless functioning when subjected to different environmental conditions.

One thing we know for sure is that most companies strive to create light and pragmatically convenient wheelchairs.

Drive Medical Lightweight Steel Transport wheelchair greatly incorporates admirable features that perfectly meet the demands of the current market. Just as the name suggests, the chair is truly light and easy to transfer from one locality to another.

It is made up of durable steel and cushioned armrest. It is also fitted with swinging footrest to provide additional comfort to the passengers. Most hospitals preferably use this chair in their facilities. It seemingly appears like the chair was typically designed to be used in medical sectors. However, most right-minded individuals have seen the need to have this essential item at home.

Medical Lightweight Wheelchair can serve a great purpose at home, as far as the movement of a disabled family member is concerned. With the help of the chair, you can efficiently move in places like museums, zoos, airports, parks and many other regions without straining. Medical lightweight wheelchair can fold/unfold easily making it more convenient to carry where needed.

This wheelchair is sturdy. The idea that it is made up of steel guarantees a reasonably good hint that it will last for as long as you wish. The already stated features, along with other features yet to be mentioned will surely tell you how precious the item is. So far, we are getting numerous compliments from clients who’re perplexed by the impressive beauty of the chair and are joyfully expressing their gratitude. Now let’s have a look at some of the essential features of this wheelchair.

Features of Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair 

  • It has a durable steel frame that ensures a high tensile strength and appreciable sturdy feature. It is absolutely strong, long-lasting and with impressively good and easy to carry weight.
  • The design allows for convenient, efficient and effective maneuvering abilities. Its wheels are perfectly positioned to swiftly pass through different types of obstacles.
  • The chair is cushioned to ensure comfort. The armrest is cushioned in the most gorgeous manner.
  • It is also crafted neatly to allow both independent and assisted operations. The passenger can still move on with, or without the help of the caregiver.
  • The nylon upholstery found all over the seat not only displays a stunning look, but also permit easy cleaning. The heck encountered while cleaning other wheelchairs that lack such an amazing feature is never experienced in this case. You only need a wet towel to clean. Besides, the entire process of cleaning takes a very short duration – it is pretty simple.
  • The footrest is uniquely fitted to swing freely. This feature was technically included to help passengers mount and un-mount with little or no difficulty.
  • The folding and unfolding property was also included to enable efficient transfer. The chair is ideally large and accommodating when stretched, and small when folded together. It can fit in most vehicles after folding. It also has a low, reasonable weight that permits frequent and stress free transfers.

Advantages of BEIZ Electric Wheelchair

  • The chair only weighs 26 pounds. It is therefore easy to carry and move with from one point to another. It is of great help while travelling in places that entails linking road, air and rail travel. It becomes easy to hand it over at the airport due to its light weight, and eventually receive it at your destination.
  • It is easy to clean due to the nylon upholstery.
  • The folding and unfolding property makes it easy to carry and transfer.
  • Fitted with cushioned armrest to enhance comfort.
  • Due to its technical, impressive footrest design, the chair permits quick and less cumbersome mounting. Furthermore, the footrest’s design also enhances coziness.
  • The chair can be operated both by the caregiver and the passenger. In the event the caregiver is unable to render his/her services, the passenger will still move on to the intended destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION : Is this chair heavy?
: No, the chair isn’t heavy. It weighs around 19pounds, but not more than 26 pounds.

QUESTION : What maximum weight can the chair support?
: The chair can support up to 250 pounds. Almost anybody can comfortably sit on it.

QUESTION : Can I possibly remove the footrests?
: Yes, they can be removed. They’re only fitted with screw. But they shouldn’t be removed, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Final Words

Drive Medical Lightweight Steel chair is an ideal commodity to help disabled persons, both in the hospital and at home. It is uniquely framed with steel to enhance durability and prolonged use. Although it is light, it is strong enough to support hefty guys. The chair can comfortably support up to 250 pound weight without straining, or even showing signs of breaking. It is an ideal wheelchair to use everywhere.

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