Invacare Lightweight Tracer Wheelchair 20”

The Invacare Lightweight is an improved modification made on Invacare 9000 series. The seat is an ideal comfort zone for people with impaired movement abilities. It has an optional cushion and properly fixed extension handles.This lightweight wheelchair was typically designed after the consideration of several factors.

It is fitted with dual axle positions that allow for variation in floor to seat heights. Furthermore, the chair comes from a highly skilled team of designers and engineers. It comes along with other sets of accessories, and a warranty that lasts for eternity. The chair measures 48 x 36 x48 inches, and has a total weight of 39 pounds.

The footrests on Invacare Lightweight Tracer Wheelchair are fixed in the most efficient way to provide desirable comfort. In addition, the armrests are permanently fixed to ensure safety at all times. Also, the wheelchair can support almost every individual, including the extremely heavy-weighted. It can support up to 250lbs.

Although most wheelchairs are seemingly convenient, they don’t actually help clients to their full satisfaction. We noted that Invacare Lightweight Tracer wheelchairs 20” can essentially carry additional items. For instance, one can put a purse on the chair, and still sit comfortably on its remaining space.

Apart from all the impeccably good features of the chair, we also thought it right to mention its beautiful and cozy look. Invacare Lightweight Tracer Wheelchair is what you won’t hesitate presenting before your friends. Ideally, these wheelchair designers wanted to ignite the lives of those who felt ignored in the society.

These chairs are also known and appreciated for their durability. In fact, it doesn’t matter how frequent you’re using the chair. It can be used for over seven years on a daily basis, without showing any signs of defects. In addition, users are allowed to obtain free services from the company using the warranty provided.

Features of Invacare Lightweight Tracer Wheelchair 20”

  • Invacare Lightweight Wheelchairs are typically broad and spacious enough to carry people along with their purses.
  • It measures 48 x 36 x 48. This also guarantees enough space for those who falsely think they’re exceedingly huge. Invacare is accommodating to all potential users.
  • The chair is strong enough to sustain heavy-weight persons. It can carry up to 250 lbs.
  • The chair weighs around 39 pounds. This makes it easy to transfer it to another place. The designers did all they could, to see to it that the chair can easily be carried from one point to another.
  • Invacare comes with “permanently fixed” armrest. We really don’t say permanent because it can be replaced. However, we still can consider it permanent because it is fixed firmly and accordingly.
    Most users, preferably use the chair as it is, and they don’t necessarily make any modification on the armrest. But then; it is important to note that clients are allowed to make changes according to their own taste and preference.
  • Made up of long-lasting steel.

Advantages of Invacare Lightweight Tracer Wheelchair 20”

  • It’s ideal dimensions offer a spacious area to accommodate anybody. Almost anybody can sit in this wheelchair.
  • Typically made to carry both light and heavy individuals. According to the specifications provided by the manufactures, the chair can carry up to 250 lbs.
  • Invacare only weighs 39 pounds. This facilitates easy transfers. For instance, if you’re moving from your place to an airport, you can carry Invacare with you. In that case, you’ll be sure that your wheelchair will be moved to your next destination without causing havoc.
  • The chair is made up of durable steel. The chair has the capacity to serve for up to 7 years without showing any defect or deformity. If ones can be gentle enough to use it diligently, the chair can serve for several decades.
  • The incorporated armrests are firmly fixed to offer absolute protection. Unlike other loosely fixed armrest that can lead to terrible accidents, the ones in Invacare are properly selected, and then positioned accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION :  How much does the wheelchair weigh?
: The chair weighs 39 pounds. It is easy to lift and to transfer.

QUESTION : Can I carry the wheelchair on the plane?
: Yes. You can put somewhere on a baggage, and then carry it. They have a section where luggages are carried, and your wheelchair will be transported along.

QUESTION : Does the wheelchair contain an attached oxygen tank?
: No, this chair doesn’t have an attached oxygen tank.

QUESTION : Can a weak, 69 year old woman be able to push this wheelchair carrying a heavy person?
: It basically depends on the environment. If she is using it indoors, she’ll obviously manage the task because there are no obstacles. Also, it depends on the level of inclination. If the floor is too steep, and she’s pushing upwards, she might be defeated. However, the chair is easy to push, as it even offers something to lean on, in the process of pushing.

Final Words

Invacare lightweight Tracer wheelchair 20” is the most efficient and effective wheelchair. It has several admirable features that not only makes it unique, but also renders it friendly to users. Although the chair has lifetime warranty, it is strongly build to ensure its long-lasting.

Dennis P. Baughman

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