Electric wheelchair-For Sheer Convenience and Total Comfort

The utter comfort and high mobility offered by an electric wheelchair makes it a great option to get to places which are otherwise too fatiguing when using a manual wheelchair. It is ideal for people who have problems with mobility and those with cardiovascular conditions.

Manual Wheelchair

Electric Wheelchair

Types of Wheelchair

The first thing that comes to mind to patients and other people who require a wheelchair is the ease of movement. Some of us have long thought that the only type of wheelchair available in the market is the one we find in charity and nursing homes for the elders. However electric wheelchair has been around for quite some time already. One valid reason why it isn’t popular choice to most people is the high cost.

Each patient or person has unique needs when it comes to mobility. So, different types of wheelchairs are designed for people with special needs. The portable type is generally lightweight wheelchair and can be disassembled for easy transport. The power base type is the most versatile and therefore offers a wide range of options for seating, driving, suspension and handling. The third type is the heavy duty electric wheelchair which is built for outdoor use.

The Need For Wheelchair

Determining the need to use a wheelchair is highly dependent on the person’s needs as prescribed by a professional medical practitioner. Most occasions, the doctor or any medical professional would recommend a wheelchair that would at most alleviate discomfort of body movements of the patients. They would usually suggest the best equipment available that would provide optimum comfort to the users and electric wheelchair is, without a doubt, the first thing that they would recommend.

Best Wheelchair buying Consideration

Generally, however, the determining factor for which an electric wheelchair is prescribed is the inability of the user to use a manual wheelchair. Persons who are quadriplegic are usually perceived as the ones who are in most need of such equipment because of obvious reasons. However, there are people who prefer to use the motorized wheelchair, regardless of their ability to use a manual wheelchair, for sheer convenience it offers and total comfort it brings.

Choosing The Right Wheelchair

Depending on a person’s unique needs and personal preference, choosing the right equipment can be stressful sometimes most especially if the cost of acquiring it is factored in. Truth to be told, this kind of wheelchair is more expensive than manually operated wheelchair.

The medical practitioner should know what suits best for his patient. He may be the best person to know what is best for his patient but it’s the person’s capacity to pay matters the most. Just like its manual operated cousin, the price of the best electric wheelchair can also vary depending on the manufacturer and the features which come with it. In general, the portable type costs lesser than the other two types. Whatever type of motorized wheelchair you want to buy, there are always options to weigh in. For sure, cost is always an issue but keep an open mind to consider the benefits it brings to your health.

Some Insights about The Electric Wheelchair

  • Electric wheelchairs offer various benefits to their users of all ages, among the most important advantages being the possibility to enjoy an almost full autonomy and independence without the need of a permanent exterior assistance and the adaptability to various requirements.
  • On the current market in Western Europe and the United States, you can find currently two different types of electric wheelchairs, the most frequent model used and sold being the traditional structure with a similar design to the traditional wheelchair and motioned by a system that is composed of a motor and a battery. It is extremely simple to operate too. With a long duration of life, you’re sure to enjoy a high degree of comfort and adaptability to medium disabilities.
  • The other popular model of electric wheelchairs is represented by the firmly attached type of seats, belonging to the category of the modular chairs that also come with a power base attached. Also present are a system of adjustable heights for various and diverse requirements and an appropriate system, plus an attached tilt function, enjoying a high level of mobility and adaptable to severe disabilities. The chair can also be equipped with different adapted features as, for example, kerb climbers of various sizes.
  • Before selecting any electric wheelchairs you need to run through your requirements, and do research taking into consideration the various medical advices and requirements, the appropriate needs, the environments where it will be used –for paved, grass or rocky terrain – the maneuvering capacity that you intend to use for transportation outside or inside, your availability for medium and long distance travel – case in which you can opt for a portable option that can be dismantled and reassembled.
  • If the current offering of electric wheelchairs doesn’t satisfy your special needs and medical specificities, you can find a good number of reliable distributors that can easily produce specially designed products incorporating all the necessary features you demand. By using custom produced chairs, you are allowing yourself to freely move around with your family, by your own, without having to be pushed. Hence you can be sure of enjoying utmost independency in different environments either in your direct vicinity or even abroad. In general, these wheelchairs should be checked periodically in order to guarantee that the specific technical requirements are fully met. With custom chairs, you could even adjust the configuration with respect to weight, motion requirements, as well as for an overall evaluation of the technical standards that generally affect mobility.
  • A specific type of electric wheelchair is used by the sport wheelchairs especially designed for athletes with disabilities that want to continue practicing sports – rugby, basketball, tennis, racing being only one of the most popular activities – sometimes at the highest level of performance such as by competing at the Olympic games. Such wheelchairs are especially designed to confer maximum mobility and adaptability for specific actions that these sports require.
  • Electric wheelchairs is just another benefit of current advancement of science and technology, and, most importantly, the variety of models available on the market is a good sign that today motion disability doesn’t diminish the possibility to fully enjoy life and to have an active social life.


Getting the right equipment that suits you best may be a matter of personal preference but you also need to consider other factors that you might have overlooked. One important thing to remember though, always get an electric wheelchair that does not strain your wallet.

Dennis P. Baughman

Dennis P. Baughman is the Editor of UnbeatenRolling. His disabilities couldn't stop him to be self driven person. He started this blog to share his personal knowledge about all kinds of wheelchairs and different tips and advice about chairs.

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