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The Drive Medical FW19BL Fly Weight Tranport Chair – to walk or to ride, that is the question…

As the full time caregiver for my 94 year old mom, Gertie, I couldn’t do my job if it weren’t for the Drive Medical companion wheelchair.

Here are Some Best Drive Medical Wheelchair Comprehension–Charts



drive medical lightweight steel transport wheelchair

Lightweight Steel Wheelchair

35 x 22 x 36 inchesCheck On Amazon
drive medical silver sport reclining wheelchair

Silver Sport Reclining Wheelchair

 37.8×35.4 x12.2 inchesCheck On Amazon
drive medical aluminum transport chair 19  blue

Aluminum Transport Chair 19 Blue

33 x 22 x 40 inchesCheck On Amazon

My mom can still walk (she uses a 2 wheel walker) but, for longer excursions like out for ice cream (!), I pop her right into the Drive Medical Fly Weight Transport Chair and, as Jackie Gleason used to say, “Away we go!”

drive medical fw19bl fly weight transport chair

in case you’re unfamiliar, a companion wheelchair is meant to be pushed by, well, a companion. That’s why all 4 wheels are so very teeny and that’s why this wheelchair is considered a fly weight – it weighs only 19 lbs – it’s so easy to stow in the back of my car or in the trunk.

If you or someone you know is in need of a companion wheelchair, this is the one for you.

My adorable Mom died Feb 15, 2012. She is sorely missed but, in a lot of ways, she is right here with me as she’s always been. We donated her wheelchair, walker, and front step ramp to people who really needed them for which I’m grateful.

The Drive Medical Transport Chair

drive medical transport chair

We’ve had this exact Drive Medical companion wheelchair for over 10 years now. The only maintenance we’ve ever had done was to adjust the brakes so poor Mom didn’t take off on her own on a slope – true story. That’s how I knew to have the brakes adjusted…she’s fine, by the way. Which reminds me…one of my favorite features is the nice safety belt…

We actually checked with insurance about covering the cost of this companion wheelchair but Mom’s deductible was more than the chair cost! It’s well worth the money.

The Drive Medical Transport Chair

As noted, above, you already know that the safety belt is my favorite feature but this companion chair has many more wonderful things about it. Read on to discover what I’m typing about.

  • 19″ wide seat – now, that’s a pretty wide-body wheelchair! The Drive Medical Fly Weight Transport Chair can carry up to 300 lbs.
  • Total weight of the chair is just 19 lbs – if you’re at all familiar with wheelchairs, that’s light. My back certainly can tell the difference between this chair and a standard wheelchair as I tote it to and from the car.
  • Swing away foot rests means that you or you loved one has an easier time getting into and out of this wheelchair.
  • The pouch on the back of the seat is the perfect place to stow some beer cans when getting on a cruise ship – yes, another true story. We figured that 1) Mom wouldn’t get caught (she didn’t) and 2) if they caught her, she’d get leniency. I suppose one could also use the pouch to store purchases or a small oxygen bottle but what fun would that be?
  • I can fold the Drive Medical Fly Weight Transport Chair flat with just one hand by picking up a handle on the seat. Very easy to stow this way.

The Drive Medical Fly Weight Transport Chair

Due to its small weight, this wheelchair was sited as being much easier to push than a standard wheelchair. I can vouch for that. My mom only weighs around 130 but, on a hill, I’m grateful for the 8″ wheels (a smoother ride) and the light weight.

Almost everyone comments on the ease of folding and storing this transport chair. It folds almost flat and can be stowed about anywhere. When we go to restaurants, I fold it up and put it next to our table or behind Mom’s chair. It’s also so comfortable that Mom sometimes just prefers to sit in the wheelchair over transferring to a regular chair.

A few people noted that this is one of the best wheelchairs as a short term solution and not the best for a full day of shopping. I disagree as I’ve taken my Mom on very long excursions in the Drive Medical transport chair and she and I have found it to be perfectly comfortable.

Note: that’s my brother pushing my Mom around Brookside Gardens here in Silver Spring, Maryland. We couldn’t have done that outing if it weren’t for the Drive Medical wheelchair.

Have you ever used or pushed a wheelchair? What’s your take on the Drive Medical Fly Weight Transport Chair How about this lens? Love it or hate it – please leave me a comment.

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