Chair Exercises For Seniors to Keep Healthy and Fit

Fitness is important in old age as it helps to ward off some of the common complaints that senior citizens face. We are not talking about the hundred meter sprint, what we actually mean is staying active, simply getting out of chairs, out of the house and undertaking some gentle exercise with friends is more than sufficient. However, not all senior citizens are able to undertake out of house activity, so sometimes a more gentle approach is required which is what we will address in this article.

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Safe Exercise Is Key - Let's not overdo it now!

It's easy to switch on the television and see footage of what appears to be a basic human member of the senior generation completing a marathon, swimming a vast distance, or achieving some other incredible feat of endurance. Maintaining these incredible levels of fitness is not something that is typically true of senior citizens, in fact, fitness is something which is not commonly pursued by retirees passed the age of 70 or so.

​All too often, as fitness levels decline with age, people's health also begins to deteriorate. This is no coincidence, we would not be surprised in the earlier years to see the same happen. So, why exactly are we so surprised that health and fitness are connected in later years?

​In order to stay fit in our retirement we will probably lead need to complete less activity than we did throughout our 40s and 50s in order to maintain the same level of fitness. Whereas once we might have played squash, tennis, run great distances, or simply regularly visited the gym, this probably isn't a great idea for many senior citizens. As we age, our bodies become less tolerant of the stresses and strains that gym workouts put on our bones, joints and muscles.

​Instead, we must look to more gentle approaches in order to stay fit. The method with which we exercise is thus important in fact we complete exercise itself. Some examples of activities commonly undertaken by senior citizens include swimming, walking, cycling, and more gentle activities still such as bowls, stretching and movement fitness classes.

Home Is Where The Heart Is - Get the blood pumping every morning!

Not all activities which improve fitness must be completed outside. It is a great idea to put together a home fitness plan which lasts just a few minutes every morning to help you get the day underway. This small efforts on a daily basis will do wonders for your fitness health and state of mind. Few people realize interdependency between her general health and mental state, although studies show a very strong correlation.

For the frail, there are simple exercises which can be completed safely without even standing up. These usually are ideal for people with osteoporosis, muscle wastage, or other conditions which cause them to be at risk of injury if they undertake anything more strenuous. As always, regardless of your level of fitness, you should consult a doctor before changing your fitness routine.

Why not make the start of a change today, by making an appointment to see your doctor and finding out the level of activity which would be suitable for you in order to get started. That small step is often all it takes for people to get back into exercise, the next step would be to contact a fitness professional at your local sports centre in order for a fitness plan to be professionally designed. Make sure to ask what you can do at home in order to get started, as the privacy of your own home will allow you to start out on the road to fitness without feeling self-conscious in a public place.

What Are Chair Exercises - Gentle exercises for seniors

When we talk about chair exercises, we simply mean a fitness regime that can be completed while sitting in a chair. The range of exercises can be tailored for virtually any muscle group, to improve agility, strength and stamina. These types of exercises are often loosely connected to bodybuilding, yet extremely toned down to the point that the stress on the body is only just enough to trigger the slow and slight strengthening of the required muscles. We are certainly not looking to create any pensioner bodybuilders!

Video About Senior Fitness

Here's a short film of some exercise seniors can benefit from...

Balance Exercises for Seniors - Stronger Seniors Chair Exercise Program

by Anne Burnell Balance Exercises for Seniors - Stronger Seniors Chair Exercise Program by Anne Burnell

​It is unusual that to complete chair exercises for seniors will require any additional equipment other than a chair which we would hope you will already have at home.

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