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Medical lightweight transport wheelchair

This type of drive medical chair is appropriate for elderly, disabled and patients who cannot walk properly. It is super light and easily affordable. When folded, the wheelchair can be easily carried for both storage and transportation process. It can be conveniently carried in any car trunk or aircraft. Check for more Image’s The chair […]

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Karman Healthcare Ergonomic Lightweight Wheelchair

Talk of lightweight, high proficiency, amazing first impression and safety; this wheelchair has it all. Karman Healthcare Ergonomic Lightweight Wheelchair is exceptionally designed to provide the user with comfort while at the same time ensuring safety and protecting the user against environmental hazards such as bacteria. Check for more Image’s One of the most outstanding […]

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Invacare Lightweight Tracer Wheelchair 20”

The Invacare Lightweight is an improved modification made on Invacare 9000 series. The seat is an ideal comfort zone for people with impaired movement abilities. It has an optional cushion and properly fixed extension handles.This lightweight wheelchair was typically designed after the consideration of several factors. Check for more Image’s It is fitted with dual […]

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Best Friend Mobility Dog Wheelchair

Dogs are man’s best friend, so they say. They are always loyal and remain true to their nature. However, just like human beings, dogs too can be disabled.They can lose the ability to walk perfectly due to sickness or accident Check for more Image’s Yes, you will be sorry for your dog due to the […]

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