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Electric Wheelchair Guide and FAQ

The wheelchair is one of the oldest known mobility aids, greatly improving the lives of those who have difficulty walking.There are many types of wheelchairs available, with sports wheelchairs becoming much more popular over the last ten years. However, for many the choice is whether to buy an electric wheelchair or a manual wheelchair, with both […]

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An Ultimate Guide of Mobility Scooters

Limited mobility and difficulty getting around are two common problems for the elderly. Often, conditions such as arthritis result in difficulty walking, especially over long distances, which can make keeping up with the grandchildren impossible. This is one of the reasons that many seniors use mobility scooters, which provide a motorized base that can make […]

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Features and Benefits of Electric Wheelchair

Features and Benefits of Electric Wheelchair #FeaturesandBenefitsofElectricWheelchair Click to Tweet Electric wheelchairs have more features than a manual wheelchair. This will affect the price of the wheelchair and also what portion of the purchase Medicare or other health insurance benefits will cover. Some features may be essential to one user while a different feature will […]

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