The 5 Best Lightweight Wheelchair Reviews

In my opinion the best lightweight wheelchair is one that will be durable, and reliable, and be easy to use as a transport chair. The premises behind developing the best lightweight wheelchair is to create a mobility device that allows people to have the freedom to go places, and do things that they could not easily do using a traditional wheelchair.

When you are shopping for a best wheelchair you want to get the best product you can for the amount of money you have to spend. Most people have no idea that wheelchairs have different features that accommodate different handicaps. I chose the following five chairs as my favorite lightweight chairs because of their features, their dependability, and their affordable prices.


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This Drive Medical Steel Wheelchair is a non-electric manually operated lift chair that will help you to get anywhere you need to go. I loved the features it had, and I liked the quality craftsmanship that is apparent in the design of the device.

Product Features

This chair has many excellent features to help a person that is mobility challenged to be able to perform their daily activities with ease.

  • Nylon upholstery that is easy to clean and maintain
  • A silver vein finish
  • Folding backrest
  • Weight capacity of 250lbs
  • Width between the armrest is 16.5”
  • 8” casters
  • Rear wheel locks
  • upholstered handles
  • foldable footrests
  • detachable footrests

Things I liked about this Product

  • The foldable backrest on this transport chair makes putting the chair into the trunk of a car easier to do. It also makes it easier to store the chair in a closet or small space in your house. You can fold the chair up and place it beside the patient bed and it will not be in the way.
  • The nylon upholstery breathes so the patient does not get too hot while riding in the chair. The upholstery is also very easy to keep clean. You can use a damp cloth each day and wipe the seat off so that the chair stays clean and sanitary.
  • The upholstered handles make it easier for someone to assist the person riding in the chair.
  • The rear wheel locks insure that the chair will not move when you are getting in or out of it
  • The footrests can be folded up so that it is easier to get the person into the chair, and these rests can be completely removed if they are not needed.
  • The 8” casters move fluidly and make it easy to move the chair

Things I didn't liked about this Product

  • The seat is narrow and not well suited to larger individuals
  • The arm rests are fixed in place

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I love the big tires on this Invacare transport chair because they make it very easy to roll this device over uneven surfaces. The padded seat cushion helps to reduce pressure related sores and the swing-away footrest makes it easy to get people in and out of the chair safely.

Product Features

This chair has virtually every feature that you could want a wheelchair to have.

  • The chair only weighs 36lbs (without the footrests attached)
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Dual axles
  • The seat can be adjusted to different heights
  • Has permanent arms
  • 250lb weight capacity
  • Extra cushion available as a separate piece
  • Can buy a brake extension handle to make it easier to set the brakes while seated in the chair
  • Lifetime warranty

Things I liked about this Product

The following features convinced me that this is a great chair for anyone with limited mobility issues.

  • The lifetime warranty tells me that the manufacturer has the utmost confidence in this product and that means that the chair is going to be reliable.
  • The chair supports up to 250lbs but only weighs thirty six pounds. That means the chair will be easy for most people to lift into the trunk of a vehicle or to place behind the front seat of a vehicle. It also means that the person sitting in the chair will need less upper body strength in order to manually propel the chair.
  • The available accessories. The extra padded seat cushion and the extension for the brake handle are added accessories that will make this mobility device more comfortable, and easier to use.
  • The large rear wheels make it easier to propel the chair over uneven surfaces like dirt, gravel, rock, or grass. This is very important if the chair is going to be used outdoors. Needed ramps for this wheelchair to move on cars. 

Things I didn't liked about this Product

  • The chair and the foot rests are shipped separately and may not arrive on the same day

Karman Healthcare S-105 Wheelchair -lightweight wheelchair for travel


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This is an excellent transport chair that has all of the features that you would want to keep the individual using the chair safe, secure and comfortable. A mobility device like this allows people to be able to leave their home environments and do things like shop and see the doctor. It is vital that these individuals be safe while they are using these devices.

Product Features

  • Stain resistant seat coverings
  • Seat coverings that are bacteria resistant
  • Ergonomically shaped seats
  • Weighs only 27lbs
  • 28 x 16 x 36 inches
  • Wider armrests that are ergonomically shaped to provide comfort to the user
  • Ergonomic hand rims on the wheels that make it easier for the individual to propel the chair

Things I liked about this Product

There were several things to like about this chair but the following items were my favorite features.

  • The ergonomically shaped seats are a wonderful feature because they help to alleviate pressure so the person riding in the chair has fewer pressure ulcers.
  • The seat coverings are coated with a bacteria resistant coating so the person riding in the chair has less skin issues. Skin ulcers are extremely painful and hard to heal so it is wonderful to find a mobility device that helps prevent these ulcers from occurring.
  • The newly designed hand rims allow the person riding in the chair to have an easier time propelling the chair forward.
  • The wide arm rests are shaped so that they are comfortable for the seated individual and they are proportioned correctly so the person in the chair can position the chair at the majority of desks and work at the desk comfortably
  • The chair weighs only twenty seven pounds so the majority of people can easily load it into vehicles, and a lighter chair is easier to push both for the person in the chair and the person helping push from the handles behind the chair

Things I didn't liked about this Product

  • Some assembly is required

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I must admit that the burgundy color is one of the reasons I chose this transport chair. 

Product Features

The following features were ones that I found to be outstanding about this chair.

  • Upholstery that is treated with antibacterial agents
  • Upholstery that can be removed to be cleaned
  • Upholstery that is flame retardant
  • Upholstery made of breathable nylon
  • Weighs only 23lbs
  • 12.5” polyurethane tires on the rear
  • Backrest folds down
  • Aluminum frame
  • Handbrakes

Things I liked about this Product

I liked that this chair was filled with features that help keep it sanitary and clean to use. This means the chair manufacturer is really concerned about the well-being of the people who use their products.

  • The upholstery on this chair is one of the best features. This upholstery is a sturdy nylon that is easy to clean and very durable. It can be removed to make it even easier to clean. It has been treated so that it is flame retardant and treated with an antibacterial agent to help keep bacteria from growing on the seat. This chair is less likely to cause the person that uses it to ever have sores or infected ulcers because of dirt, or pressure from their chair.
  • This mobility device weighs only twenty three pounds. You can virtually lift this folded chair with one hand. It is very easy to transport and very easy to maneuver because of the light aluminum frame and the light nylon cushion fabrics. This chair is great for the young and the old.
  • The handbrakes are placed strategically so that the person riding in the chair has no problems setting the brakes. Then they are safe when they transfer from the chair to another piece of furniture or vice versa.

Things I didn't liked about this Product

  • Some assembly is required

Medline Ultralight Transport Chair -best lightweight wheelchair for elderly


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I liked this Medline transport chair because it is versatile, dependable, and full of features that make it handy for the majority of mobility challenged people. It is also designed to allow caregivers to assist the mobility challenged person. I think this chair offers a lot of freedom because it does increase the mobility of the people who own it.

Product Features

The following features were high sellers for me.

  • Weighs only 22lbs
  • Seat covering is fabric
  • Swing away footrest
  • Padded arms
  • Safety belt
  • Will handle a weight of 300lbs
  • Has a cup holder
  • Has a bottle holder on the back side
  • Has a cell phone on the backside
  • Has a pocket that can carry other items like a wallet on the backside
  • Has a key ring holder on the back side
  • Has a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and the cross-frame
  • Has a one year warranty on the other chair components
  • Has padded handgrips

Things I liked about this Product

I liked that this chair manufacturer included a lot of features that make it easier for the caregiver to assist the person who uses this chair.

  • Foldable foot rests that can be swung out of the way to make it easy to transfer a person into the chair, and position them properly. With the footrests out of the way you can stand directly in front of the person seated in the chair and help them lift up and get into the best position without fear of tripping or falling over the footrests.
  • The chair has pockets built on the back side of the seat so the caregiver has a place to put their keys, their cell phone, a water bottle, and other things they may need to carry with them while they are assisting the rider of the chair
  • The weight capacity is 300lbs so the chair is ideal for larger individual
  • Aluminum frame means the chair weighs less so the elderly patients are more capable of transporting the chair without assistance so they stay independent for a longer period of time

Things I didn't liked about this Product

  • The permanent arms can make it more difficult for a person to transfer into this chair

Best Lightweight Wheelchair Buying Guide

Before you rush out to buy the best lightweight wheelchair you will need to know a few basic facts about these mobility devices so you can choose one with the features that will be most beneficial to your particular needs.

  • If the individual that is going to use the chair is capable of operating the controls buy an electric powered chair so they can easily go where they choose to go
  • When you buy an electric wheelchair try to choose one that can also be manually operated in case the battery goes dead when you need to use the device
  • Buy a chair that has a folding frame to make transportation easier. The chairs without folding frames are hard to get into the trunks of cars.
  • Buy a chair with footrests that can be lifted during transfers into and out of the chair.
  • Buy a chair with a padded seat to help prevent skin breakdowns.
  • Buy a chair with padded arm rests for comfort
  • Look for chairs that can have the controls switched to either arm
  • Look for chairs with breathable seat cushions and back rest so the individual stays cool, dry and comfortable while in the chair
  • Aluminum frames are sturdy and they are more than fifty percent lighter than some of the other frames
  • Always use the seatbelt in any chair to prevent slipping
  • Try to get a chair that has rear locking brakes and brakes that can be controlled by the individual in the chair

Take Care of Your Wheelchair


So, you already found your best lightweight wheelchair, right ? Now, a wheelchair is something that you rely on to help someone who cannot otherwise move around freely. These mobility devices are critical pieces of equipment that have to be properly cared for so the individual always has the means of being transported to the places they need to go, and so they can take care of their daily needs.

Some of the things you need to do in order to maintain a wheelchair properly are:

  • A bicycle pump for airing up the tires on the chair
  • A spoke wrench
  • A flat metal file
  • An adjustable wrench
  • A Phillips head screw driver
  • A flat screwdriver
  • Medium weight oil
  • A soft wax like the ones you apply to a car. Do not try to use candle wax it is too brittle and will not help you.

On a daily basis you should perform the following tasks to your chair:

  • Clean the dirt from the frame of the chair using a soft cloth. The cloth can be dampened to make this easier to do, but you do not want to submerge the frame in water, or get the frame unnecessarily wet.
  •  Keep the chair in a dry climate so that the bearings located on the front and rear wheels are protected from getting wet.
  • Check the tires to ascertain whether or not they have adequate amounts of air in them The tires on the chair should feel very firm and you should not be able to depress them using just your hands.

Each week you should do the following maintenance tasks to your chair:

  • Check the tires to make sure they have adequate amounts of tread on them. Change the tires when the tread seems worn. When checking the tires if you discover a nail or foreign object has punctured the tire do not remove the object until you have repaired the inner tube of the tire.
    The punctured object will be keeping the hole it created sealed but as soon as you remove the object the air will be allowed to escape and the tire will go flat.
  • Check the ball bearings on the rear wheels of the chair. To do this you want to spin the wheels and make sure that they do not make any unusual sounds or wobble as they spin.
    You might have to tighten the nuts that hold the tires in place occasionally. If you get these nuts too tight they will not allow the wheels to spin freely. If this happens simply back the nuts off a little bit until the tire can freely spin.
  • Check the front forks to make sure they are not being rubbed by the footrest on the chair. If the fork appears to be loose you will tighten the top nut. Once again, if you over-tighten this nut you will hinder the wheels from turning freely. You want to loosen the nut up just a little if the tire does not spin freely.
  • If the front tires are not spinning properly, and the nut to the fork is not over-tightened then take the chair to a repair shop to have the bearings in the front wheels examined for wear and tear.
  • Remove any dirt or foreign matter you might find on the axle housings. You can place a few drops of oil on a damp cloth to perform this task.
  • Check the spokes to see if they are firmly positioned. If you find a loose one use the spoke wrench and tighten it.

Each month you should perform the following maintenance tasks:

  • Wax the frame of the chair so that it is easy to fold.
  • If the ball bearings located in the center of the wheels are not factory sealed bearings then you should remove them and clean them. Once they have been properly cleaned you want to pack them with grease and replace them.
  • Check the arm rests, the foot rests, and any other part of the chair that the patient comes into contact with to make sure there are no sharp edges that could cause a skin tear.
  • Check all of the bolts and screws on the chair and make sure they are properly tightened. You will find screws located on the x-brace, the seat, the footrests, the armrests, the brakes, the front rear casters, the handles, the accessory carriers, and more
  • Look the frame of the chair over carefully for damages like dents or cracks. Repair any cracks you find as quickly as you can.

Every six months you should perform the following maintenance tasks:

  • Check the foam cushions in the chair to make sure it still springs back after being depressed. If the wheelchair cushion is beginning to become overly worn it will take a long time to spring back, or it may not spring back at all after being depressed. Replace when the cushion becomes too worn.
  • Examine the fabric the seats are crafted from to make sure that it does not sag or that it is not getting worn. Worn seats causes skin breakdowns and pressure related skin ulceration's.
  • Place medium weight oil on the pivot points of the chair
  • Place medium weight oil on the center of the x-brace
  • Check batteries to make sure they hold a proper charge you may need to put water in the battery occasionally and if you do it is recommended that you use distilled water. Every three to four years you will likely have to replace the batteries on the chair.

Final Verdicts

The best lightweight wheelchair will be a disappointment to you if you do not properly maintain these items. Front tires should be replaced in a licensed shop so that you know you have the right tires, and that they are properly installed. If you do not do this you could be setting the rider up for a serious accident.

Dennis P. Baughman

Dennis P. Baughman is the Editor of UnbeatenRolling. His disabilities couldn't stop him to be self driven person. He started this blog to share his personal knowledge about all kinds of wheelchairs and different tips and advice about chairs.

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