Best Friend Mobility Dog Wheelchair

Dogs are man’s best friend, so they say. They are always loyal and remain true to their nature. However, just like human beings, dogs too can be disabled.

They can lose the ability to walk perfectly due to sickness or accident

Yes, you will be sorry for your dog due to the bond between you two, but there is still something you can do to address the situation; buy best dog wheelchair to enhance the mobility of your beloved dog. 

By use of mobility dog wheelchair, you can help in prolonging the life of your precious dog and protect it from untimely death.

Why choose best friend mobility dog wheelchair? It can be hectic choosing appropriate wheelchair for a dog, this article will show you why best friend mobility wheelchair is the ideal choice for you. This wheelchair can be used by all dogs whose height from the floor to the back at the hind quarters ranges from 23”-26”.

The chair comes with adjustable height, length and width to properly suit your dog and make it comfortable while using the wheelchair. Orthopedic surgeons designed the wheelchair in such a way that it meets all the needs of disabled dogs. The wheelchair is made of lightweight aluminum frame to make the chair weigh as light as 13.8 pounds.

To ensure that the dog is comfortable while using the chair, it is fixed with a permanent padded seat. In case of short or long calls, the dog can still attend to these calls comfortably in the bathroom while in the wheelchair.

It is important to note that for your dog to use this type of wheelchair, it must have a properly functioning front legs. The chair assists dogs suffering from spinal cord disorientation, hip dysplasia arthritis, osteomyelitis, fractured spine, degenerative myelopathy or any other condition or disease that renders the rear legs weak or painful.

Features of the best friend mobility dog wheelchair

  • Adjustable aluminum frame : the aluminum frame ensures that the chair remains lightweight to be conveniently used by a dog. The aluminum frame can be adjusted easily to fit your dog’s measurements.
    The wheelchair is well designed to suit 99% of dogs. The aluminum is also rust resistant, hence minimizing wear and tear of the wheelchair.
  • Neoprene and harness : the front of the wheelchair is fixed with a luxurious synthetic rubber; neoprene, to make the dog comfortable. This is further enhanced by rear harness to make the dog much comfort as well as enjoy using the wheelchair. The harness can be removed whenever convenient.
  • Hex wrench : this allows for height and width adjustments.
  • Suitability : the wheelchair is designed to suit any dog whose height from the floor to the back of hindquarters ranges from 20”-26”.
  • Measurements : the measurement of the wheelchair is variable, but the width is constant. The length of the wheelchair ranges between 29”-32.25” hence you can adjust it to suit your dog. The width is 10.5” while the height ranges from the 17.5”-21.5”.

Advantages of BEIZ Electric Wheelchair

  • It takes just a few moments for the dog to adjust to this type of wheelchair.
  • It enables a disabled dog to walk efficiently and even do some hiking
  • The wheels are big enough and highly effective to offer the dog a smooth ride.
  • The chair offers your dog the much needed mobility as well independence, hence it can go wherever he likes without the assistance of a caretaker.
  • The chair is easy to assemble and in just a few minutes, the chair is ready for use.
  • It comes with adjustable harness to make the dog comfortable.
  • Have an adjustable aluminum frame which is rust resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION : Can my dog relieve itself while in this wheelchair?
: Yes, the wheelchair is uniquely designed to allow the dog to use the bathroom comfortably without any complications. The process is even much simpler if you use a sport harness.

QUESTION : Can the wheelchair be sat on by my dog?
: Unfortunately not, the dog can only rest in it, but sitting position will be difficult.

QUESTION : My dog has only three legs can the chair be ideal for her?
: Yes, the chair can be used by any dog which have properly functioning front legs, but have defects in the rear legs. You just have to choose the right size for your dog.

QUESTION : My dog suffered from the degenerative myelopathy and only weighs 70 pounds; can this wheelchair fit his skinny body?
: Yes, the chair has adjustable length and height to suit the dog.

Final Words

Save your dog from the untimely death by purchasing best friend mobility dog wheelchair to make your dog enjoy the last moments of its life. The chair is magnificently designed with amazing qualities such as hex wrench to suit most of the dog sizes. The wheelchair can be conveniently used by any dog which has active front legs but defective rear legs.

Dennis P. Baughman

Dennis P. Baughman is the Editor of UnbeatenRolling. His disabilities couldn't stop him to be self driven person. He started this blog to share his personal knowledge about all kinds of wheelchairs and different tips and advice about chairs.

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