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If you are considering purchasing an electric powered mobility device for someone you love to use then you want to buy the best electric wheelchair on the market. Most people do not realize that when buying these mobility devices you have to consider the way the item will be used, the size of the intended rider, and many other things in order to get a device that is appropriate for their needs.

In this electric wheelchair reviews article, I worked diligently to compose a list of electric wheelchairs that have proven to be durable, reliable, safe, and user friendly. I hope this list helps you to find the chair you need with less time and trouble.

Best Electric Wheelchair - Detailed Reviews

Each chair in my top five picks has slightly different features. I did not choose chairs that had the exact same features because people who are looking to buy the best electric wheelchair for their needs all have different needs. I tried to include a variety of chairs that would encompass a wide variety of disability and mobility needs.

New Electric - Folding Power Wheelchair Reviews

best electric wheelchair 2017

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This chair is one of the best wheelchairs in electric category because it folds to allow it to be easy to transport in smaller cars, or stored in smaller spaces. I loved all of the features that added extra levels of comfort for the person who has to ride in the chair. I was completely sold on this chair when I discovered that the power controls could be positioned on the right or left handrail to make it convenient for everyone to use.

Product Features

  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Lithium battery
  • Breathable seat cushion
  • ​Breathable back cushions
  • ​Removable handrails
  • Controller can be positioned on either handrail
  • Lightweight wheelchair
  • Converts from manual controlled to electric powered
  • Manual brakes
  • Electric controlled brakes
  • Rubber tires
  • Front wheels are 8” in diameter and they rotate 3600 so they turn to the right with ease
  • Manufacturer will customize the seat from an 18” minimum to a 22” maximum if you request

Things I liked about this Product

Out of all of the great features of this mobility device these were my favorites.

  • Can be used manually or as an electric so you do not have to worry that if the battery goes dead you will not be able to move the chair. It rolls easily in the manual setting.
  • Making a right hand turn can be difficult, but this chair has casters that rotate far enough to allow you to make smooth right hand turns, even on uneven ground.
  • Control can be on either armrest so it does not matter if your right hand works better than your left. You can easily swap the arm the controls are on and be ready to go.
  • There are manual locking brakes and there are battery powered brakes. If you fear that the person might injure themselves during transition from chair to another position or vice versa you can lock the rear wheels manually and know that the chair will stay in place.

Things I didn't liked about this Product

  • Some assembly may be required
  • It has a weight limit of 250lbs
Best electric wheelchair

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I chose BEIZ mobility wheelchair as one of my five favorites because it is easy to carry along with you. If you really want to increase the quality of life that a person has then you have to increase their ability to be mobile and this chair does that.

Product Features

  • Rear driven wheels
  • Front castors
  • Cushions in the seat and the back
  • Comes with battery charger
  • Has a joy stick controller that can be programmed
  • Manual and power modes
  • Easy to remove battery
  • Folds up so it is easy to transport
  • Aluminum frame
  • Lightweight
  • Detachable arm and leg rests
  • Back-rest flips up
  • Excellent braking system

Things I liked about this Product

The following features impressed me the most on this chair.

  • Detachable arm and foot rests make it very easy to move from one place to the chair and back.
  • The padded seat is comfortable and less likely to allow pressure sores to be created.
  • It can be operated manually if the need arises. Sometimes the battery goes dead and you have to move the chair with the person seated in it. Most electric wheelchairs would have to stay where they were until their batteries recharged, but this one lets human power take over when necessary.
  • The aluminum frame allows the chair to be light enough to transport, but durable enough to be a long lasting device.

Things I didn't liked about this Product

  • No choice in colors of the frame or cushions
  • Some assembly is required

3. Geo Cruiser Electric Wheelchair


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This wheelchair weighs less than fifty pounds but is capable of carrying as much as 265 pounds. That was enough to impress me, but when I saw the other features I simply fell in love with this chair and knew that it would be beneficial for many people.

Product Features

  • The controller can be mounted on the right or the left armrest
  • The joystick controller is easy to operate and easy to grasp
  • The chair weighs only forty six pounds
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Can travel 12.5 miles without recharging
  • Flat free tires
  • Supports a weight of up to 265lbs

Things I liked about this Product

It was hard to choose just a few things that I like about this chair. It is chock full of great features and it would make a great chair for both the young and the elderly patient.

  • Controls can be switched to either armrest so that the person riding in the chair can easily reach the controls.
  • The tires will never go flat so you will never be stuck at home because you have a flat tire.
  • The lithium ion battery lasts longer and stays charged longer.
  • The chair weighs only forty six pounds

Things I didn't liked about this Product

  • Some assembly is required

Pride Mobility Jazzy- best motorized wheelchairs


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I have to admit that I included this mobility device for sentimental values. My father owned one of these chairs and it was a dependable device that served him well for many years.  Jazzy 2 is full of great features and a chair that is suitable to most disabilities.

Product Features

  • The chair lifts off of the base and the back fold for transport purposes
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Bucket seat that is easy to clean
  • Easy accessible controls on the arm rest
  • Carry pouch on back of seat
  • Can run as fast as four miles per hour

Things I liked about this Product

The chair is sporty to look at and it is built on a rugged frame that can withstand hard usage. The battery charges in about eight hours, and it only uses one battery so it is not as expensive when you go to make replacements.

  • Can run as fast as four miles per hour on smooth surfaces.
  • The battery will typically charge in less than eight hours so while you are sleeping you can recharge and your mobility device is ready to go the next morning when you wake up.
  • Disassembles for transport so you do not have to buy a chair lift to go on your vehicle.
  • The seat is made of a durable fabric that is easy to clean.

Things I didn't liked about this Product

  • The chair works outdoors but not on rough terrain or on sloping grounds.

Rear Wheel Power Wheelchair -best electric wheelchair for small spaces


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I like this transport chair because it is light, attractive, and reliable. I like things that I can depend on and I can depend on this chair to provide reliable service every time I need it. It has plenty of safety features that give me peace of mind, and it is affordably priced.

Product Features

  • Aluminum frame
  • Frame is foldable
  • Breathable seat cushion
  • Breathable back cushion
  • Can be operated manually or powered
  • Lithium ion battery with a six month warranty
  • Full one year warranty on the chair
  • Can support a person weighing up to 220lbs
  • Is dependable with front driven 8” wheels

Things I liked about this Product

This is simply a great chair and the following features sold me on it.

  • Folding frame means that you can easily fit this item into the trunk of most cars, or in the back seat of most cars without having a special transport area on the vehicle
  • Breathable back and seat wheelchair cushions allow the skin of the rider to not stay damp with perspiration so they have fewer skin ulcers, or skin break downs
  • Manual or electric usage insures that if the battery were to be charging when you needed to use the chair you could still use the chair
  • Aluminum frame means the chair weighs less so the elderly patients are more capable of transporting the chair without assistance so they stay independent for a longer period of time

Things I didn't liked about this Product

  • The chair can be hard to control on uneven terrain
  • some assembly is required

Best Electric Wheelchair Buying Guide

There are several things that you will need to take into consideration before you can purchase a wheelchair for your needs. The following list contains many of the most common things to be considered before you choose a chair.

  • The size and weight of the individual who will be primarily using the chair. You do not want to put a child in an adult sized chair, or a large adult in a chair that is too small.
  • The disability of the person that will be using the device. Some people cannot stand at all while other people can stand and even walk short distances. You want to make sure that the chair you choose is appropriate for the disability the person has, and for their mobility limitations.
  • The way that the device will be used. Some people will use their chairs inside the house only, while other people may want to go outside, or ride on uneven ground. Some chairs are even designed to allow the rider to participate in sporting events while using the chair.
  • How you will transport the chair. You may need to get a special transport or lift connected to your vehicle if you plan to take the electric chair with you when you leave home.
  • Where the controls are on the chair and whether the person with the disability will be able to reach the controls.
  • How is the chair powered, by one battery or two? Consider how the batteries are charged and make sure you buy a charger when you buy the chair.
  • The reliability of the company that manufacturers the chair. This is also when you consider the warranty that is offered by the manufacturer.
  • Special features like storage compartments, easy to maneuver brakes, arms that lift, etc.
  • The price of the device. We do not like to consider price but we have to buy within our budgets. Many insurance companies will assist you in paying for these mobility devices. Check with the device distributer and your insurance company to see if they offer assistance in the purchase of the device.

Safety Tips for an Electric Wheelchair


Safety is a major concern for everyone who is using a wheelchair. Even the best electric wheelchair can be dangerous if the rider and the people assisting the rider do not use precaution when operating the device. The following tips will help you to prevent accidents when using an electric wheelchair.

  • You should always turn the power to the chair off when you are transferring into or out of the chair. This will prevent you from accidentally hitting the control switch and causing the chair to move out of position.
  • Always lock the brakes on the chair before you begin to transfer into it or out of it.
  • Before you start to transfer into or out of the chair make sure the foot rests are lifted into the proper position for transfer.
  • Before you start to get into or out of the chair make sure the arm rests are lifted to a proper position
  • Do not place heavy items on the back of the chair. Heavy items placed on the back of the chair could cause the chair to tip when the person is being transferred into or out of it.
  • If you are going to go out at night in the chair consider placing flashing lights on the chair so your visibility is increased.
  • If you will be using the chair in a parking garage or in a parking lot consider placing a raised flag on the back of the chair to increase visibility so people in vehicles see your position.
  • Approach inclines and slopes with caution. Going down or up in these situations can be dangerous.
  • Regularly replace the casters on your chair. A good indication that the casters are starting to need to be replaced is when the chair shifts in a side to side motion when you are traveling at the top speeds.
  • Avoid taking the chair out in the rain whenever possible.
  • Use the seat belt to help prevent you from slipping out of the seat.
  • Try not to lean forward so you do not get out of balance
  • Do not overextend while reaching for an object. If you cannot comfortably reach an object then you should reposition your chair so you can reach the object.

Final Verdicts 

The best electric wheelchair is one that helps you to have an increased amount of mobility so that you can increase the quality of your life. You want a chair that allows you to have the freedom to do as many of the things that you once did as possible. No one that needs a wheelchair to help them get around should ever feel like they have fewer opportunities because they do not walk on two legs, and a good mobility device will stop them from feeling this way.

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