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Invacare Lightweight Tracer Wheelchair 20”

The Invacare Lightweight is an improved modification made on Invacare 9000 series. The seat is an ideal comfort zone for people with impaired movement abilities. It has an optional cushion and properly fixed extension handles.This lightweight wheelchair was typically designed after the consideration of several factors. Check for more Image’s It is fitted with dual […]

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Best Friend Mobility Dog Wheelchair

Dogs are man’s best friend, so they say. They are always loyal and remain true to their nature. However, just like human beings, dogs too can be disabled.They can lose the ability to walk perfectly due to sickness or accident Check for more Image’s Yes, you will be sorry for your dog due to the […]

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Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair

This is another version of the vast wheelchairs on the market. Most of this wheelchair come with distinctive features that mark their identity and flawless functioning when subjected to different environmental conditions.One thing we know for sure is that most companies strive to create light and pragmatically convenient wheelchairs. Check for more Image’s Drive Medical […]

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Medline Transport Wheelchair with Brakes

Medline Wheelchair is perfectly built with adorable features. The product has been designed after a thorough scrutiny of very many factors. It isn’t long since it was introduced in the market, and it’s already getting positive responses.Transport chairs essentially help your loved ones and other caretakers, help move you around in the most convenient and […]

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Super Light Foldable Drive Medical Wheelchair

This is a distinctive, extremely light wheelchair designed to be used by patients or disabled. The wheelchair is superb considering its super weight, affordable price and less resistance wheels that roll easily. The wheels are narrower and maintenance free. The chair can be easily folded by simply squeezing the release lever under the right armrest. […]

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Tracer EX2 lightweight wheelchair

This is a lightweight wheelchair that comes with detachable elevating leg rest. With a weight of 36lbs, it can easily be carried during transportation and storage purposes. You can easily adjust the seat to suit height due to the presence of dual axle positions. This pride mobility wheelchair is uniquely designed to enhance mobility in […]

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Portable Foldable Electric Powered Wheelchair

This flexible wheelchair is composed of detachable handrails, carbon steel foldable chair, battery made of lithium, flexible seat and cushions placed at the back to make you much comfortable.The wheelchair can be used for transport when handrails are removed. Check for more Image’s What is unique about the chair is that, it has a powerful […]

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